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The Cheese Shop in Winter Park

Cheese! Cheese! Cheese!

After lunch at Orchid (the new Thai restaurant a few doors down) good friend and I hit the newly opened Cheese Shop in Winter Park, just down from the new Panera Bread (not near Aloma).

The Cheese Chop is very lovely, neat and well appointed with cheeses, select gourmet condiments and select bottles of wine meant to accompany the cheeses in the case. I was pleased to see several interesting and tasty wine selections that you just don't see everywhere. Decently priced and certainly not overpriced...a great option for picking up a bottle on the fly to enjoy with your noshes.

There are rotating samples of various cheeses under glass, but if you are shopping they'll be happy to slice off samples of cheeses you are on the fence about. The name cards used to identify the cheeses, also provide selected wine varietals to look at when pairing. Nice touch.

I picked up some sharp cheddar (Grafton Village Cheese Company, Gold). Sharp but nice and creamy, esp. for a cheddar with a kick. Thumbs up! I also picked up 2 goat cheeses, one is Palhais, from Torres Vedras, Portugal and the Crottin de Champcol, from Loire around Sancerre. Creamy, mild...yum.

I was told while in the shop that they would be "beefing up" the refrigerated cases with select meats and would be providing picnic service to enjoy at the park soon.


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  1. Excellent. I've been looking forward to trying them ever since I first heard about them here a couple months back. I love me some cheese, but I'm definitely not an expert on fancy gourmet cheeses.

    1. winechic, did they have any breads for sale as well? I love eating cheese with fresh French breads and wine.

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        Not yet, but they mentioned getting bread and other staples in there. The owner specifically mentioned providing a Ploughman's lunch (Bread, hunk of cheese and pickle, etc.) along with a more done up picnic lunch in the very near future.

        I'm with Voodoo Lou, I know what I like and I like me some cheese! The owners were very nice and happy to talk about their products, so you end up picking up some nice information along with your product. Like with wine, it's nice to be able to sample so you can figure out what you like, what you REALLY like and what you never want to try again!

        FYI, there is a new Bakery called Croissant Gourmet that will be opening around the corner on Morse Blvd. in the months to come. :D It looks like they divided up the former Wm. J. Sweets space into two store fronts. I'm thinking cheese from The Cheese Shop and then skipping down to Croissant Gourmet.

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          I went to the Cheese Shop on Sunday - very nice! We picked up a couple of cheeses and we were able to try each cheese before we bought it. They now have the Ploughman's lunch with a large roll, a hunk of cheddar, and a piece of fruit for around $8. I asked if they were going to get bread in soon and they are not sure because there is also a Panera a few doors down. So, I ended up going to Panera's and picking up a loaf of their country bread to go with my cheese.

      2. Sounds like a winner; I'll be checking out those cheeses soon! Thanks for the heads up, winechic....


        1. My husband and I checked out The Cheese Shop on Sunday. It was better than I had expected - quite nice, in fact. We bought some fontina, Le Maitre Seguin goat cheese, and parm. I also tried a Spanish blue cheese - Valdeon, I think.

          The fontina was excellent, the goat cheese has mixed reviews (the man selling it called it "goaty," my husband calls it "musty and horrid," I call it "delightful'), and the parm is very nice. I will be returning for the Valdeon as soon as my arteries will allow.

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            Do they allow cheese "noobs" to sample things?

            1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

              "Noobs" ? As in newbies?

              They have cheese out to sample and if you ask, they'll pull out stuff from the case esp. if you haven't heard of something or if you tell them what you like. The couple who owns the shop is very nice and passionate about their cheeses.

              There is some cool stuff in there...sounds like I'll be over there for some of Jazzy's "goaty" cheese!!

              Drink wine to clear your arteries out. ; )

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                >>Drink wine to clear your arteries out. ; )

                So winechic, what wine shop do you like for buying wine to go with all this cheese? : )


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                  My all time favorite is Tim's Wine Market, near College Park.

                  Tim's Wine Market
                  1223 North Orange Ave.
                  Orlando, FL 32804

                  If you head in there, let them know what tastes/styles that you like in wine and if you are targeting $10, $15, $20, etc. While they aren't price driven, they are happy to keep things in line with budgets which is nice if you are trying stuff out and/or seeking some everyday drinking wines. You don't have to spend a ton to get a really nice drinking bottle for a weekday.

                  I cruise through Wine Warehouse, Gran Gru, Pierre's...and I'll hit World Market, Total Wine and Sam's/Costco and ABC to check stuff out.

                  Honestly, it depends on what I'm looking for and if I'm seeking a specific wine. I stocked up on a ton of affordable bubbles for the holidays and many gatherings by hitting Tim's, Total Wine, World Market and Wine Warehouse. Now that I'm back on the reds and still whites I'm hitting everywhere again, just depends on what part of town I'm in. : )

                  The wine shops located on Park Ave (down from the cheese shop) are fine, but I find much better values around the corner for the same labels. I enjoy "discovering" new stuff, so I'm always asking the independant wine shops what is new, etc. Wine Shop guys/gals love to talk and can be great resources.

                  Let me know if you are looking for anything in particular and I'll scan my memory banks. ; )


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                    okay I'll ask. Any ideas on Kosher for passover wines other than the supermarkets? I currently buy online.

                    1. re: cherylp3

                      Kosher for Passover limits your local selection. Total Wine & More on Colonial Dr. has a kosher section you should check out and they do have the Kosher for Passover wines as well as (regular) Kosher wines.

                      I'm not sure how many of the local wine guys carry it, but I'll certainly keep my eyes out and post back if I see anything.

                      (For the board, Kosher for Passover is a special designation of wines that adhere to a stricter set of qualifications than the Kosher wines. The mold used for fermentation cannot have been derived from bread and the wine cannot include several common preservatives. The bottle will have a "P" on the label by the K designation, which is usually found on the back of the label.)

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                          BTW, I saw some very affordable Kosher for Passover wines while at Wine Warehouse this week. They have them closer to the register and they are under $10, but don't tasted that way according to the guys I chatted with who usually don't steer me wrong. Might be worth a taste to check out. Enjoy!

              2. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                Yes, they do. In fact, most of the cheeses we tasted were sampled from the case (the only wild card was the goat cheese, but I'm a big fan of the goat in all it's wonderful incarnations). I'm a person who will sample anything, so I had to hold myself back there.

                And, I have to say this, they have Wensleydale, for all you Wallace and Gromit fans.

                1. re: jazzy77

                  >>they have Wensleydale, for all you Wallace and Gromit fans.

                  Make sure you say that with all the proper hand motions ; )) (.... I so miss Wallace and Gromit.....).

            2. Is this the same Cheese Shop that is found in Williamsburg, VA? If it is, do they sell bread ends and their special house sauce? I also remember that their roast beef sandwich was amazing (with all the fixings), while their chicken salad sandwich was a total bust!

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                No, this is not the same place...sorry to dash your hopes. The Cheese Shop in Winter Park is an (independently owned) local cheese purveyor that recently opened.

              2. Side note....how is Orchid? Looking for a good Thai restaurant in the area

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                  I posted on it in a different post the same day I started this thread, it was fine....not outstanding but I'll be back to check it out.

                  I'd be interested to hear if anyone has been recently and how they thought it was after being open a bit. (I was there the 3rd day they were open.)

                2. I love this website, new to it. Most of my favorite places to grab some tasties are showing up here on a regular basis. The Cheeses there are as sinful as can be, most recently I had the Fromage au Sauternes. This is a bleu vein that is soaked in sweet sauternes wine, so they are telling me there, and an Epoisses, which is illegal to take on public transportation in France - very stinky but luscious. The wines are indeed paired well, with a Pinot – cant remember the name, regardless, was perfect with the stinky stuff.