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Jan 12, 2008 10:39 AM

ISO The Perfect High Fiber Muffin Recipe

I want to bake some nice high fiber muffins for breakfasts.

Here are my parameters:

Must taste great.
Must be moist.
Not looking for low fat... using butter/oil/whole eggs is just fine.
Want to stay away from white flour.
Fruits, veggies, nuts: Okay

Anyone got a winner?

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  1. I recently made a batch that were so high in fiber my husband refused to eat any of them after his first! Evidently he didn't enjoy the, er, inspiring effect they had on his system.

    I wish I could give you a recipe but I always wing it with muffins. I took a basic recipe and substituted whole wheat pastry flour for the all-purpose, added wheat germ and ground flax seed and (the thing that seems to have made the most impact) I substituted canned pumpkin for half the fat plus added more pumpkin for flavor and moistness (I then adjusted other liquids). I also added raisins. I thought they were great!

    1. For taste find a recipe with flavors you love. Mine is a chocolate chip, banana, peanut butter with walnuts and oats muffin.

      For moisture make sure it incorporates something like banana or pumpkin as mentioned above. Also add more liquid to the final batter so it looks like good, wet muffin batter. That's something you sort of know by sight. Sort of like a thick cake batter.

      For fiber: sub whole wheat pastry flour or half wwpf and half whole wheat flour (or any other high fiber flour) and add things like flax or bran. Be sure to include nuts. Good dark chocolate is also loaded with fiber (a fantastic surprise, no?). Or oats.

      You can pretty much make these sorts of changes to any recipe and come up with your perfect muffin.

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      1. re: krissywats

        I don't want to use too much banana or pumpkin instead of oil or fat... trying to keep them lower in carbohydrates (as much as possible).

        Most muffin recipes are just glorified cupcakes... I'm a good cook, but baking is so much more about chemistry. I'm concerned about "winging it". Also, money is tight right now... don't have much to spend on mistakes. That's why I'm looking for an actual recipe someone has tried and liked.

        1. re: Jennalynn

          To clarify - I wasn't suggesting using banana or pumpkin in place of fat but rather the addition to those things can help make sure a muffin is nice and moist without it being overly oily.

          I hear the 'baking=chemistry" statement a lot and while on some part it's true - I think it keeps people from experimenting at all. If you have a basic understanding of what to do you can 'play' with baking as much as any other cooking style. I've yet to have a muffin come out as a 'mistake'.

          That said, I have several recipes but from your statement, I'm assuming you don't want a 'glorified cupcake' and I think you'd think mine to be just that.

          By the very nature of muffins, I think you will have trouble keeping down the carbs. Anything that is going to add fiber is going to also have loads of carbs.

          1. re: krissywats

            Fiber (which is a carbohydrate) is fine. I'm not trying to find a low carb muffin, but rather not go overboard with too many sugars/white flours/fruits.

            As for the 'glorified cupcake'... don't get me wrong... I LOVE a good buttery sweet blueberry muffin ; ) I'm just trying to find a balance between a good tasting breakfast treat and a good for you breakfast.

            So post your recipes!

            1. re: Jennalynn

              How are you on molasses? I make up a big batch of molasses bran muffins every week. They keep well, and I get to play with the recipe, according to what's in the cupboard. ANY bran muffin recipe will do. I like to sour the milk, as I can't always have buttermilk around (not at the prices they're asking for it, anyway) and use the bran in a package that they keep way down there where it's hard to find, in the store. It's VERY inexpensive...a lot cheaper than using bran cereals. I use whole wheat flour, but not always...I prefer to focus on making sure the flour is unbleached. It doesn't use a lot of sugar but it's plenty sweet with the molasses (without being cake-like), and I can use dates or raisins or candied fruit leftover from Christmas baking, or coconut, or dried apricots, or well drained crushed pineapple...and can add any extra flavouring I like, ....spices, or lemon zest. I can also replace some of the bran with some wheat germ or some of the flour with ground flax.

              Find a recipe, try it, see if you like it, basically, and then run with it. I have a few year that I can post, if you like.


      2. Here is a recipe that I use. I do not like to use white flour but you can try whole wheat flour if you like.
        1 1/2 cups unbleached flour
        3/4 cup flaxseed meal
        3/4 cup oat bran
        1 cup molasses or brown sugar
        2 tsp Baking Soda
        1 tsp Baking Powder
        1/2 tsp salt
        2 tsp Cinnamon
        1 1/2 cup shredded carrots
        2 Fugi apples peeled and shredded
        1/2 cup raisins
        1 cup chopped nuts
        3/4 cup milk
        2 Eggs beatten
        1 tsp Vanilla
        combine ingredients and bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

        I love this recipe because it does not have fat and it stays moist. Actually for other readers you can substitute ground flaxseed for oil at a ratio of 3 to 1 in baked goods. This recipe is from Bob's Red Mill baking products

        1. I really like the official All-Bran muffin recipe. I add about 1/3 raisins and nuts to the batter. These are very moist on day 1 and better toasted on days 2-4. The Jan-Feb 1998 issue of Cook's Illustrated has a delicious bran muffin recipe that uses whole bran and is also delicious.