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Jan 12, 2008 10:37 AM

Dunedin area for Dinner

Hey All,

We want to try somewhere nice we haven't been before and want to get feedback on a couple places:

Six Tables on Main St.
Walt's Seasonal Cuisine on Main St.

What do you think - Good choices?

Also, anywhere nice to eat in Safety Harbor besides Lincoln Heights Bistro & Green Springs ? (They're great but want to try something different)

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  1. Walt's is phenominal--had my birthday dinner there. Unpretentious, just wonderfully fresh interesting food with great flavor. Don't miss the shrimp/feta skillet appetiser--it was so out of this world, our table split another serving for "dessert" instead of the more traditional birthday cake.

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      I so agree!!! Walt's is great. We were just there last night. The menu changes on a regular basis depending on seasonal goodies available (hence the name), but the menu has a few standbys that always seem to be available, including the aforementioned shrimp/feta appetizer and the scallop and crab-encrusted grouper--both delish.

      1. re: laurie

        Thanks to you both so much for the great feedback, it sounds like a great find!!

    2. We just tried Walt's Seasonal Cuisine for the first time this past weekend. It was wonderful.

      They have a small but fairly priced wine list. We enjoyed a lovely bottle of Tempranillo.

      My husband had the venison tenderloin with a side of collard greens. I believe Walt said it was from New Zealand and similar to elk rather than typical venison from the U.S. It was the most tender venison we've ever had -- and so flavorful. Not many places offer collard greens as a side. My husband was excited to have them and not disappointed.

      I had a swordfish special. It was wonderfully seasoned and served with an arugula pesto cream. Beautiful. I chose haricot verts for my side, and they were perfectly cooked al dente.

      They were pretty busy when we arrived without a reservation so we sat at the chef's bar and were glad we did. It was fun to watch Walt in action. We love that the menu changes with the seasonal ingredients available and will be back soon and often.