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Jan 12, 2008 09:58 AM

Super Easy Key Lime

Jfood is fighting a sinus infection and mrs jfood is doing her best to ease the boredom and lousiness. So last night she made one of his favorites, Key Lime Pie (love that woman). If they had known how easy it was it would have been a staple years ago. Jfood looked through some recipes and came up with the following:

Took no time, was very easy and tasted fantastic, especially with some lightly sweetened (careful since the pie is very sweet) whipped cream.

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  1. I hope jfood is feeling better...can you actually taste anything? Last time I had a sinus infection (never want to have one again!), I could not taste a thing. The recipe you refer to is similar to one I obtained from the NYTimes years ago, only difference is that it calls for some freshly grated lime zest to be added to the filling, purely aesthetic. I've read that as far as toppings are concerned, meringue is the authentic one since "back in the day" in Key West, they had no refrigeration for the cream. Just an interesting sidenote, for what it's worth.

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      Yep, jfood, Val's right. Only the shelf stable condensed milk. No fridges in the olden days. So scratch that sour cream too. I think most of the old Florida recipes use egg yolks in the filling and the whites for a meringue - if and only if they put anything on top of one of the best pies on God's Green Earth!
      Hope all that Vitamin C in the lime juice helps your sinus infection! Feel better!

      BTW, I usually divert the egg whites to some coconut macaroons and leave the Key Lime Pie naked.

    2. The recipe on the back of the Nellie & Joe's key lime juice is even easier---and I've yet to find one made anywhere that I like better. However, I do 2 things differently:
      1. Make my own crust, using the same ingredients and method as in the recipe you found.
      2. Use one AND A HALF times the ingredients for the filling listed (or better yet, TRIPLE the recipe and make TWO pies :-) Bake just slightly longer than the recipe calls for.

      Hope you're feeling better soon!

      1. on a similar note, I got this from a friend and it is really good in the summer!

        Super easy lemonade pie - always a HUGE hit even though it's so simple. If you want to get fancy, throw some cut up strawberries/raspberries on top - but actually, they might sink to the bottom!

        Small can of frozen lemonade concentrate - not the regular sized can - the small. I think it's 8oz? - partially defrosted (edit - I don't think I've ever actually found this size of can in lemonade - only OJ - so I'll buy the bigger can and use 1/2)
        Medium sized tub of Cool Whip
        1 can sweetened condensed milk - make sure you get this and not evaporated milk!!!
        1 graham cracker crust (I usually make mine because it's softer but I'll buy one in a pinch)

        Blend first 3 ingredients together, plop into crust, chill, done. It's tart but sweet and it's perfect for a hot summer day. I equate this pie with summertime.