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Jan 12, 2008 09:54 AM

Need a great BYOB restaurant that will take 10-15 ppl

Please help, chowhounders:

I am hoping to get 10-15 people for my 35th birthday, in the middle of the week. Cusine not that important as long as the food is good to great, cheap (30 p/p) and the place allows us to bring our own wine. (hopefully without corkage)

I was going with Kuma Inn, as they fit the bill in every respect, but alas, they limit parties to 8 people. Are there any comparable places out there with decent food and atmosphere?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. phoenix garden around 40th @ 2nd ave. the atmosphere might be lacking but the food is delicious and no corkage fee. they family that runs it are really nice as well.

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      Hi. I second Phoenix Garden :)

      1. And make sure you order the snow pea leaves. Mmmmmmmmm. I always ask how they are cooked and what else is in them and the waitresses always say nothing--that they are just sauteed in their own juices. But how, how can that be? They are so delicious.

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          salt and pepper shrimp is also a classic dish. i think everyone gets at least one order. if you go let us know what you think.