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Jun 7, 2001 03:50 PM

fun birthday party place

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I'm planning a small dinner for a friend's 30th birthday and I wanted it to be some fun/kitchy like the Afloat Sushi or fondue place. I was hoping for something somewhat interactive like that.

Any suggestions? SFV, Westside, Hollywood.


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  1. Tokyo Delve's is really fun. The original in North Hollywood gets really crazy, people stand on their chairs and dance, the japanese chefs all sing, and people generally have a great time. I couldn't guide you on the sushi since I don't eat sashimi, but it was really fun. I don't know if the new one in Marina Del Rey has picked up the same kind of energy as the original. See the web link below. Let us know what you decide.

    There's also C&O Trattoria in Marina Del Rey. I've had better pasta, but the servings are huge and they sing "That's Amore" every night. Excellent garlic bread rolls. Try to get seated on the patio. This place has a really fun energy too.

    31 Washington Blvd
    Marina Del Rey
    (310) 823-9491


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      It's funny, we decided on C & O independent of your suggestion. We had our rehearsal dinner there (about 20 people) on the patio and it was perfect. They did a nice job with the catering and the food is terrific, plentiful and cheap!

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      Now did you want Interactive for the food, or for the environ?
      There's a do-it-yourself Japanese pancake place - but I can't remember the name. If you've never had Japanese pancake, it's quite an adventure. A grill, beef, seafood, onions, veggies, pour on the batter. Then after you brown it to your liking, there's a condiment tray of squeeze bottles filled with plum sauces, mayonnaise!, and dried bonito you can dump on. Maybe other chowhounds can remember the name of the restaurant.

      Also, there's Thai Elvis who sings at Palm Thai restaurant in Hollywood who's never passe.

      And as much as I hate Universal City walk, the Marvel restaurant there has struggling actors dressed in spandex Spider Man costumes and other Marvel characters. Eat great chilli fries and point at the mysterious bulges on these Super heroes.

      1. I've had good fun at Bucca de Bepo, the City Walk one better but Pasadena, too. Big stupid plates of food and loud loud loud. Also dumb Italian fun is Miceli's where the staff sings bad opera.