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Jan 12, 2008 09:35 AM

coffee places near koreatown?

are there any coffee shops near koreatown (wilshire/western/olynpic) thats open late and a group can study? or anywhere quiet where we can just relax and not worry about loud music? thanks!

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  1. Mak is on Shatto (one block east of Vermont) between 6th and Wilshire. It's a funky coffee place with limited food offerings that stays open late at night. I haven't been in the evenings, but I occasionally hold staff meetings there during the day. There's a private room in the back of the restaurant that can accommodate about ten people. I think they're wi-fi friendly as I have spotted solo diners clicking away on their laptops during lunchtime. Coffee is good but pricey. Desserts look scrumptious.

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      Cafe Mak is awesome and the perfect place to study. I've spent days there. It's huge with plenty of comfy spaces to set up, lots of private corners, and great coffee. Good recommendation.

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        to add, mak is open til 4am, i think. i like the patbingsoo there.