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Jun 6, 2001 10:28 PM

Date nut shakes

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I recently has my first banana date nut shake outside of Palm Springs and am now craving them.
Any chowhounds know where to find one in the LA area?

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  1. No, the one you had at Hadley's is pretty much the only one.

    NOT difficult to produce on your own, though:

    Vanilla Ice Cream, Milk, Dates (pitted) = Voila!


    1. I believe that they are available at Cafe 50s on Santa Monica Boulevard just west of Barrington.

      1. Fosselman's, the great ice cream place in Alhambra (Main St.) has 'em as of last weekend.

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          I had one last year at an ice cream stand at the foot of the Santa Monica pier. It was my dinner (mostly because I still felt like a stuffed pig due to a mega chow tour of Thai town the previous evening), and a fabulous and satisfying one at that.

          To follow on an earlier post, although obviously simple to make, I have never tried at home -- I am a bit worried about what the unsoftened dates would do to a home blender. Perhaps the thing to do would be to soak the in water or milk first to soften.

        2. I always stop at The Shake Shack on PCH for a sandwich and a shake.
          There's an awesome view of Crystal Cove and the grinds are perfect for a hot summer day.

          The Shake Shack
          7408 N Coast Hwy
          Laguna Beach, CA


          1. Hey--Charley Brown Farms in Pearblossom has 'em with varietal dates instead of the crystals. Medjool: outta sight. Perfect finish to a 4500-calorie breakfast at the Pines just down the road.

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              Wow, I was just going to suggest that exact combo (Pines + Charlie Brown's) and you beat me to it. Except we added on a Buffalo Burger for our dog, too.