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Jan 12, 2008 08:52 AM

Dinner on Sunday

We are headed to New Orleans next weekend - we have plans for every meal but next sunday. We were going to try either Jacques Imos or Herbsaint- but they are both closed on Sundays. What other restuarants would be similar to either of these but possibly be open?

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  1. Stella!!! is open Sundays~5-10pm, reservations highly recommended.

    Oliver's Creole Restaurant~204 Decatur St (504) 525-7734

    The absolute God of New Orleans Food & Restaurants: Tom Fitzmorris

    Brunch? Delmonico's

    But make sure you go to Tujaques~~a definite must!

    I hope that helps,
    editor / NO News Ladder

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      Must have bumped my head...
      Adolfo's~611 Frenchmen St., 505-948-3800
      Casual and Very Local, above a great music bar (Apple Barrel) on a great music street in my old stomping grounds, the Fauborg Marigny. I ate one of the top 5 finest meals of my life there. Here's a review:
      Lasseze le Bon App├ętit Roule'!!!

    2. Although not similar to either Commander's Palace is a fun dining experience. Perhaps you can swap dining choices/times and go to Herbsaint. It is excellent. Great gumbo, goat cheese beignets, pork belly, short ribs, duck confit.. Steak and lamb (for the less adventurous) are also good.