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Jan 12, 2008 08:28 AM

Chinese Dumplings

Where can you find them? Anywhere Central?

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  1. There was an article in the January 4 Chronicle entitled "Mick Vann: excellent Dumplings I have known In 2007." It's probably still on The Chronicle website. I cut it out and put it on my refrigerator, but can't remember the specifics.

    Here's the link:

    1. Can't think of anyplace Central that stands out, but a ride up to T&S Seafood on North Lamar on Saturday or Sunday for Dim Sum would be worth your while. Lovely thin-wrapper dumplings, both steamed and fried, with shrimp, pork, shrimp and pork, shrimp and cilantro, shark fin, chicken... I'm sure I'm leaving some out. And then don't forget the potstickers. And the curried squid....

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        Not central but if you go North to Austin Tea House on 183, theirs are pretty decent and they do a dim sum on Sundays. (at least they used to, better call first) I haven't been in a while

      2. I searched for Chinese dumplings on the Austin board, and ran across a few useful links. The great thing about Chowhound is getting the opinions of many 'hounds. They tend to be a much more reliable guide for a wider audience of palates than anything published in a newspaper or magazine.

        I tried to omit the ones that were only negative. You can get bad Chinese dumplings almost anywhere.

        Chinese Dumplings (from Feb 2007)

        Asia Market Cafe (kicked off by sambamaster)

        The one highlight in a meal at Marco Polo

        Shanghai Restaurant (mixed reviews

        CoCo's (this one's pretty central

        Ming's Café (also pretty central

        1. Chinatown!! Especially on Sat/Sun during their new Dim Sum hours. Their soup dumplings are FANTASTIC. They have regular pork dumplings on the regular menu under appetizers and those are wonderful as well. They take about 20 mins because they're wrapped and steamed to order. Apparently they don't even use any kind of meat grinders because they remove too many juices from the meats.. All dough is made in house, and all meat is chopped by hand. I've been going every weekend and generally will break with dim sum protocol and ask for a couple orders of the Shanghai (soup) dumplings right when I get there to ensure I get some before I leave. I like the ones with just pork better than the pork and crab. The broth inside is INCREDIBLE.
          Plus the staff has been super and are super enthusiastic about all the food. Starting on our second visit, we've been getting at least one complimentary dish per visit just because our primary waiter really wanted us to try it.

          Here's the citysearch link:
          It sits right on top of Musashino.

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            Their soup dumplings are way too soggy and have too high meat::broth ratio. Both the meat and the skin are soggy.

            1. re: Mersenne twister

              I've never had that problem.. Maybe because I order them right when I get there and they bring them as soon as they're ready. If they've been sitting in the cart too long the broth will start to make everything soggy I would imagine.
              Where else in Austin can one get soup dumplings? I'd like to try others, I've only had them in Houston otherwise.

              1. re: wrenfern

                Shanghai, but they're often broken. I would take Chinatown's over Shanghai, but might as well give them a shot if you're a devotee.

                Where you in Houston do you get them?

                There a number of places that serve fine versions in Dallas, definitely better than what you can get here. Shanghai (in Dallas) is one.

          2. We have gone to Marco Polo on Woodward and I35 a couple of times and been really happy! It is reminiscent of the Sunday morning dim sum we would enjoy in Kuala Lumpur in the early 70's.