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Jan 12, 2008 08:26 AM

KC- Mahi Mahi Sandwich?

Alright KC- I was in Miami a couple of weeks ago and had an awesome grilled mahi mahi sandwich (marinated and on really crusty grilled french bread), now I'm craving another one. I was thinking McCormick & Schmicks might have one, but you can't see their actual menu online... any thoughts?

Any other great fish sandwiches in KC?

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  1. Houston's always has a fish of the day sandwich that is pretty darn good - good bread, etc.

    1. I had a really good seared tuna sandwich at the Legend's, Yardarms I think was the name of the restaurant. A little pricey, but really good, seared rare, and served with fresh hot fries. The 100 or so beers on tap were cool too.

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