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Jan 12, 2008 08:19 AM

Vancouver (BC) - Far East Cuisin

There has been significant discussion recently about the best asian cuisine in Seattle. A common suggestion has been (time permitting) to skip Seattle and drive to Vancouver,BC, for a real sampling of interesting cuisine from the far east. Particular suggestions for unique/excellent Taiwanese, Korean, Malay and/or Thai restaurants would be appreciated.

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  1. (Vancouver local here)

    Richmond BC is the place to go for regional Chinese, though the big restaurants usually have a branches in Vancover as well: Sun Sui Wah, Imperial, Floata.

    I'll just list the places places that I think are worth going to (and the list is by no means complete):

    Shanghai River (Shanghai Dim Sum)
    Shaghai Wind (Shanghai Dim Sum)
    Kirin (Dim Sum)
    Sun Sui Wah (Seafood, Cantonese)
    Floata (Dim Sum, Seafood - the Chinatown location is huge)
    Imperial (Dim Sum, Cantonese)
    Golden Swan (Dim Sum Cantonese)
    Northern Dynasty (Shanghai Dim Sum)
    Top Shanghai (Shanghai)
    Gingeri (Dim Sum Cantonese)
    Sea Harbour (Dim Sum Cnatonese)
    Shanghai Chinese Bistro (Shanghai, Cantonese)
    Pleasant Noodle (Hand cut Noodles, Shanghai, Cantonese, Cheap!)
    Sha Lin Noodle (Hand cut Shanghai, Cnatonese, Cheap)
    Taiwan Beef Noodle (Taiwan Noodles)
    Szechuan Chong Qing (Szechuan)
    Golden Szechuan
    Congee Noodle House (HK Noodles and Congee, interesting late night menu)
    Green Village (Shanghai)
    Jade Dynasty (Cantonese Dim Dum)

    For Malaysian/Singapore:

    Banana Leaf
    Orchid Delight
    Prata Man
    Red Palm
    Cafe DLite for Chicken Rice
    Angel Cafe for Chicken Rice
    Prima Taste


    Royal Thai
    Salah Thai

    The Food Scene that I think is quite exciting here these days is Izakaya. It is concentrated downtown.
    Checkout my posting here: