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Jan 12, 2008 08:01 AM

Traveling to Key Largo from WPB

Hi fellow chowhounds-

We'll be driving down late Jan. Would love some great tips on where to stop for lunch near the keys and great places to try in and around Key Largo.
Thanks in advance for your help!

Philly Hound

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    1. re: keysrat

      Robin....Since you asked..My freekin' dumb butt brother drove all the way from Ohio to the Keys.....I tried to tell him where to stop.But being the dumb butt brother he is.He hit .Wendys, Pizza Hut, Arby's.And of course McDonalds.......I am going to tell you where to go if you aren't my brother........Fish House in Key largo.....For a nice dinner right next to The Fish House is "Encore"....At Mile Marker 94 ish..Stop at Snappers for a drink and appetizers. Don't go for the main meal..Not that great.
      If you go a little further one of the best palces is Island Grill about Mile Marker 84 ish. And next to that is Hog Heaven.Good Sports Bar type food. And if you are this far...Go down to Mile Marker 77ish to Hungry tarpon and Robbies....Feed the Giant Tarpon there

      1. re: HotMelly

        You aren't my brother..Are you Robin??

      2. re: keysrat


        Thank you for the recs. No, I'm not your brother. Any must stop places on the way to the Keys?