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Jan 12, 2008 07:50 AM

do you check your order?

When you do the fast food drive through, (yes, I'm still breaking my rule) do you check it or get aggravated when you get back to work and it's wrong. What's the point of a drive through if you have to unwrap the stuff and look at it? And if you "go in" for "take out", what's the difference? It's wrapped up and it's right or wrong. I don't think I can play on this field any longer, and that's probably a good thing. And it was Wendy's - again.

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  1. i always check my order....but not always my coffee and teas at drive-thru's. Far too many times something's been forgotten or gotten wrong..Coffee and tea can be tricky....i don't want to open it and cool it off..but after once or twice getting sugar in my coffee which i despise and makes it un-drinkable to me....maybe i should start doing that too.

    The problem with Wendy's i the expectation that all the food gets out the window in the flash of an eye. I worked at one in college, and there was always some dictator of a manager yelling at you if you weren't going fast enough. Sometimes speed trumps a correct order under those conditions.

    1. New Year's Resolution 3 years ago- no driving through. I have to park and walk my sorry a$$ out of the car to get food.

      Saves on fuel, gets a tad of exercise in and I can look at the order being put together.

      I have paid attention and usually (more than 75% of the time) get out before the car that would have been in front of me does.

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        Very good point(s). Still, how can "no mayo" be that difficult?

        1. re: SweetPea

          Yeah, you would think.

          Walked into Arby's with a coupon. All three employees on mobile phones-personal phone calls-nobody in the store. Ordered 5, small fries and Jamocha shake. $7. Waited and waited while they continued talking.

          Cashier finally handed me three bags. 15 sandwiches. 1 fries and the shake. I gave some to the homeless people on the street corner... At some point I stopped caring.

      2. I never check to see that special requests, like no onions or pickles, are followed, but I do make sure the whole order is there. Recently my sister and I were picking up dinner for our husbands, and she handed me the bag and said check it. I laughed, and she insisted I check it before we left the lot. I did, and half the order was missing. Back we went. She said she'd never gotten a correct order at that particular place, no matter how large or small. Quite the racket, because I'm sure plenty of people won't go back once they're home or back to work.

        1. I always do. My husband has a firm & fast rule - always go in! He's been burned so many times and he can't tolerate them not getting it right. I have gently reminded him that he could just take a couple of seconds while sitting at the window to make sure it's right but he's harccore about NO DRIVING THRU.

          1. Why is it that all I can think about is Joe Pesci's rant from Lethal Weapon? "They $^&# you at the drive thru!"

            Back to the ? at hand - yes, I do usually try to open the bag and peek in to make sure everything's there. If something minor's wrong - no ketchup, no straw, etc. - it's no big deal, but it's too much of a pain to have to go back if they forget something major, like, say, my sandwich.