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Jan 12, 2008 07:19 AM

Can anyone tell me about Za in Pennington?

Looking for a light supper in between clients--I work nearby. I know it's byo and that's about it. What's the cuisine? Prices? Atmosphere?
Many thanks!

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  1. Suggest you check out the Za web site. It will answer most of your questions.

    As for the atmosphere, it will not disappoint. It can, however, get very busy at times, especially on weekends. I don't think they have changed their policy of NOT taking reservations but you might give them a call to double check.

    1. Za is small but the food is good and the service fine. Nonetheless, with 5 of 8 entrees priced at $28 or more I'm not sure the value is there. A 30-buck entree in this part of NJ should be extraordinary. There are many places where you can get comparable food for quite a bit less.

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        How would you say it compares with a nearby place, the Brothers Moon? I like that restaurant quite a bit.

      2. Check out last the 1/17 edition of the Hopewell Valley News; there's a nice write-up on page 1 (yes, it's a very local paper!) I've been to Za many times. Anything you get is bound to be marvelous. My favorite is an omelet with hollandaise sauce. The sauce is fresh made for each dish, not kept warm from the morning. I've ordered off menu. It took a bit of convincing the wait person to bring my request to the chef, but he was happy to do my little change (which included the hollandaise.) veejayne