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Jan 12, 2008 07:16 AM

Brand of hot Dog served by Sams Club ? -Detroit

Had a GREAT Hot Dog at Sams Club snack bar yesterday. When I asked the cashier what kind it was She replied " Kosher" ( a type not a brand) . Any ideas what brand of Kosher ? It was a big dog with great taste. You could only buy them by the case at the cafeteria counter.

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  1. Probably Hebrew National...the same as Costco

    1. The ones here in Chicago area I think were serving best kosher -

      1. The one in Des Moines serves Best Kosher. The finest beef frank I have ever had. Whatever it was, they will have them for sale. Almost a good enough reason to join.
        I have heard that some Costco's also serve Best, but the one here serves Sanai (sp?) Kosher. Not as good IMO.

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          Having had both, I actually enjoy Hebrew National more (if, indeed, Sam's Club actually serves Best brand), but that may have *something* to do with the fact that, when I get a Hebrew National at Comerica Park at a Tigers' game here in Detroit, it comes with wonderful grilled onions, and grilled onions make most *anything* better.

          Still, at $1.50 for a dog and a drink at Sam's or Costco, it's a big old bargain. My folks will actually opt for the polish sausage, but not me! No sir! Dog and a drink, please! With mustard! *Anyone* who puts ketchup on a hot dog should be shot in non-vital places until they "see the light." ;)

        2. You don't have to buy a whole case, they're in the frozen food department,I think it comes in a pack of ten,and yes the brand is called best kosher,It's been called that for years,costco is simular but called by a different name, equally as good.

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          1. re: mutti

            Yeah I asked the cashier if I could buy them in the stor...She replied "only by the case" maybe she wasn't too bright though, She said the BRAND was Kosher (twice). Probably "BEST" kosher though..thanks.

          2. Do you think it was......Shofar Brand meats?

            They have similar packaging to Hebrew National Brand.