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Jan 12, 2008 01:18 AM

Cafe Du Monde Anomaly

My japanese friend turned me onto this, and I didn't believe him at first, but apparently Cafe Du Monde is extremely popular in Japan. In fact, whereas there are only seven cafe du mondes in Louisiana (and subsequently the United States), there are 34 Cafe Du Monde outlets in Japan ( ). Tell me you think this is weird.

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  1. It is strange, to think of Japanese Y'ats!

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      1. re: mrsfury

        "Where j'at? Ovah by mominem's!"

        Oh, my Gawd dat's funny! LOL

      2. re: momus410

        Interesting. As far as I have found (NOLA environs), there is but one, regardless of the name in the shopping cener. I have not tried all in the US, but wonder what the Japanese version are like.


        1. Oh thank you for this tidbit of information. I seriously needed to know this. I wonder if the menu is identical?

          1. Awesome website!

            This is not weird to me. If you've had a lot of traditional Asians desserts, you would understand the appeal of a donut and other Western style desserts in Asia. And the Japanese are great travellers, and have a great appreciation for Western cuisine (remember Iron Chef French on the original Iron Chef?). It doesn't surprise me at all that this has taken off there. There is also only one Donut Plant in NYC, but several outlets in Japan and Korea. Same principle.

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            1. re: moh

              yeah, iron chef french was excellent: sakai.

            2. Wow, Only in Japan could you get a hot dog and a side order of soup at a Cafe Du Monde!