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Jan 12, 2008 12:33 AM

Moe's - is it just me?

I travel a certain stretch of interstate very frequently. There is a Moe's at the town where I am usually looking for quick on/off ramp lunch. Maybe my brain is just too road weary, but I find their menu a real pain to wade through. I guess if you go frequently you know that the "Art Vandalay" is the one for you. But as a very hungry yet infrequent diner, I really just want to be able to narrow down the options for the protein type I'm looking for at the moment rather than determine if an old TV memory is full of bull or fowl...If you have been able to wade through the menu did you find it worthwhile? Any thing you feel they do particularly well? I guess I resist having my lunch turn into a game of trivial pursuit - or maybe I'm just low blood sugar! :))

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  1. I think I always ate the JC there but only because I felt overwhelmed looking through the menu. After eating it for awhile whatever they seasoned the chicken with got really old to me and now I can stand the smell of the place.

    1. I'd call myself a fairly infrequent diner at Moe's, but when I do go, I always get the same thing - a naked Homewrecker, which is the pretty basic meat/rice/beans/lettuce/tomato etc. burrito in a bowl. While their food's not the worst in the world, I agree with you that their menu's a PITA. One of the first times I went I determined that I could live with the Homewrecker, and I haven't ordered anything other than that since, probably in no small part because I don't want to deal with their menu again.

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        I have tried to look at the menu twice, both times been too tired & hungry to expend that much energy on it & went elsewhere! Steak & Shake has been my best bet at that exit, but sometimes a little variety is nice.

      2. I eat there occasionally, but I only like their vegetarian nachos (I refuse to use their stupid names). The meat that I've had there is really poor quality.

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          I've only eaten veggie stuff from there too, as I'm generally distrustful of fast food meat. Their tofu is really nicely seasoned, so I get a tofu burrito with lots of extra stuff.

          My order tends to be on the complex side, so I completely forgo the silly menu names. I just tell them I want a burrito and I'll let them know what to put on it. Better yet, I'll write down what I want and just hand it to them.

          The one thing that really annoys me about Moe's is being yelled at upon entering. "WELCOME TO MOE'S!" Arg, just gimme my food and shut up!

        2. I go there about once a week as they're close to my office. Mostly I like them because their menu has more options than the Chipotle on the next block. I've always found it to be filling, economical and with some healthier options than you find at a lot of fast food.

          I like their Art Vandalay, but I agree their menu is irritating. Mostly because it just doesn't really make any sense. Why is a taco salad called a Close Talker? What does that have remotely to do with the Seinfeld episode? You could just ask for a chicken burrito (or whatever you would like to order) and let the staff figure out which inane joke it should be labeled as.

          I do like their salsas, some of them have actual hotness to them which is more than I can say for Chipotle.

          I usually get their vegetarian stuff, but we had a chicken fajita bar for a party recently and the meat was pretty good, as I remember. We had a lot left over and froze it and it's been good after being thawed out and reheated.

          1. We have a new Moe's in Plymouth, MA that I'vve been enjoying. I agree with you the first time I saw the menu the cute names where a bit much. However, I just describe what I want and the staff always provides an excellent meal no matter what I ask for and I just let them figure out what to call it when they ring in my order. It's in the new mall with Super Walmart, Red Robin, and Not Your Average joe's. It's to the right when you first enter tha mall across from DSW.

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            1. re: CapeCodChowHound

              Can't stand Moe's. If I want a burrito, I'll go to Qdoba or Tijuana Flats first.. They don't have a Chipotle in my city but if they did, that would be my first choice.

              1. re: TexSkills

                Hi TexSkills,

                If I want Qdoba I have to go to Boston. I was prejudiced at first knowing Jack in the Box is Qdoba's parent company, but they do have some good things on their menu. But from the Cape Moe's is well worth the trip to Plymouth Qdoba isn't worth the 90 minute drive. Do you mean Tijuana Flats in Providence?

                1. re: CapeCodChowHound

                  There's a Tijuana Flats in New England? I thought they were mostly a Florida chain with a couple of outposts in Virginia and North Carolina.

                  1. re: CapeCodChowHound

                    Tortilla Flats is in Providence. It's pretty crappy.

                  2. re: TexSkills

                    Moe's offers tofu and fresh jalapenos. Can't get that at Qdoba, at least not in New England.