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Jan 11, 2008 10:08 PM

Melrose Bar And Grill - Yummy!!

I checked out the Melrose Bar and Grill tonight. Located on the most western part of Melrose, I found a one hour metered parking space nearby around 5:30. I had no expectations going in. The bar area is on the left, while the dining area is on the right. Nice environment - lit fireplace, half booths, extremely nice people/staff/owners. There's a regular menu and a special menu on a chalkboard. I started off my evening with a cocktail and ordered marinated olives, spicy tuna on rice cake, and a soft pretzel/bratwurst appetizer plate. This was just to start. The olives were generous, not too drenched. Had pits, but I didn't mind. The spicy tuna was excellent, especially with the avocado and fried onions on top. But the pretzel/bratwurst was the winner - for me anyways. The pretzel was soft and warm, and the bratwurst was very flavorful. I sort of made a sandwich out of it and dipped the whole thing in mustard. What a find!! For my entre, I was undecided - the thin crust pizza or the duck burger. Of course, the duck burger. Not a humungous burger, but extremely tasty with cheese and cherry ketchup. It came with homemade vegetable chips. I also ordered the fries. Had to. Can't have a burger without fries. For dessert, a cappuccino and their ginger chocolate/carmel cake. One of the owners, Julie, came over to talk with me and gave me a complementary pear/prociutto appetizer when I told her I came all the way from the San Fernando Valley just to eat at the Melrose Bar and Grill. It's that kind of touch and class which will bring me back to this place. Open all day - noon to 2:30 for lunch; 2:30 to 5:30 for bar snacks; 5:30 on for dinner. Prices range from $4 to $8 for bar snacks; $8 to $12 for appetizers; and $12 to $25 for main dishes.

Melrose Bar And Grill
8826 Melrose Ave.
W. Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 278-3684

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  1. Thanks for a nice review. Sounds like this would make a good "local" option for those living in the neighborhood. Next time we get over that way I intend on giving it a try, (pretzel with bratwurst - my kind of comfort food). If you don't mind telling, what was your final tab for what you ate?

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      $110.00 plus tip!! Ouch!! Keep in mind, though, that I ordered 4 cocktails, 3 appetizers, the duck burger with fries, coffee and dessert. Can you believe I was by myself? And yes, it did have that "friendly neighborhood drop in place" vibe going on.

      1. re: omakase

        What, no wine with your food? ;-D I say you did all Chowhounds proud with your noshing. And just how many places in LA can you order a duck burger, anyway?

        1. re: Servorg

          Thanks Servorg, I think you'll like this place. They do have an extensive wine menu, plus a glass enclosed wine room for storage.

        2. re: omakase

          I was disappointed when I checked out Melrose B & G last year. I was a huge fan of the previous restaurant...Doug Arangos...for its pork chop and steak, so I went in with similar expectations. Maybe I shouldn't have...but then again, maybe it was my choices. Ill gladly try it again thought, the beer and wine list more than made up for my poor choices and the people I was with seemed to enjoy it all.