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Best Frozen Pizza?

Ok, this may not be about haute cuisine, but any recommendations for the best frozen pizza to bide one's time between trips to the restaurants? I like Dr Oetkers that I get from Costco, but am looking for something better, or at least a change, hopefully with interesting toppings.

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  1. i like the dr. oetkers too.
    costco sells another brand that is really, really good...of course don't know the brand name but it comes in a red box with a black & white photgraph (i think!) but it's the only one made in italy. no preservatives, it's like mamma made the pizza, froze it and shipped to canada!....if i can dig up the name i will...the price is around $11.50 (for 3)...hope that helps.

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      I buy the Italian b&w boxed pizza too. I add leftovers from the fridge, or perhaps anchovies, frozen shrimp, a little tomato sauce and romano. It is superb, and ready in 15 minutes, on a pizza stone.

    2. I also like Dr Oetker's. It was a pleasant surprise. President's Choice does a selection of thin crust pizzas that are pretty good, but not really generous with the toppings in my opinion.

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        We love Bistro Alsace. They come nicely vacumned packed in 2's. Take only a few minutes to heat and have a very nice thin crust. Love the cheese and pepporoni. Since we've discovered these, we haven't ordered take out in months. So easy to have nice hot pizza in minutes.

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          I second Bistro Alsace. Way better than Dr. Oetker's, or take out for that matter (if you can find it!)

      2. Dr. Oetker's is my fave, too. The spinaci and funghi are great, and they also have a new line of rising crust pizzas, called "Casa di Mama". Although I don't like the toppings on this new line quite as much as their original thin crust pizzas, the crust is pretty great.

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          I never eat frozen Pizza but when I am out with the 'girls' my husband eats P.C. Wood Fired Pizza to which he adds hot peppers. A friend told us about Dr. Oetker's which she really likes...he will eat that as well but generally buys P.C as his first choice.

        2. At Trader Joe's they have the woodfired pizzas imported from Italy...and they are quite good for frozen...

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            I like the TJ frozen pizzas too. The spinach one is pretty good.

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              Ditto the TJ frozen pizzas! We love the pesto pizza (with spinach and broccoli) and the French tart-type pizza with ham and gruyere cheese!

            2. I've never tried Dr. Oetkers, but based on all these positive comments, I'm going to go to Costco today to buy one!

              My favorite is American Flatbread.

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                Costco generally only has a multi-pack of one type of Dr. Oetker's, I believe - the deluxe, aka pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers. For their better flavours, most other grocery stores carry them as well... My original faves are the spinaci and the funghi....

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                  that's a pity for vegetarians. The only ones I touch are the meatless kinds (spinach, mushroom, etc). I'm not vegetarian but very fussy about what processed meats I'll eat.

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                  Second American Flatbread. And I've also been to one of the restaurants...even better!

                3. You must try Freschetta Brick Oven, the Spinach, Mushroom and Garlic one... it is a wonderful white pizza, I add a little pepperoni to mine but it is fine without.

                  1. CPK Garlic Chicken actually better than the restaurant.

                    1. Over the past few years, when I've resorted to frozen pizza I've liked the Mama Celeste personal size, the supreme or deluxe, which are often on sale for a buck apiece. The best aspect of them is the sauce (flavorful, piquant) and the toppings aren't bad. I supplement with some parmesan and crushed red pepper flakes, some provolone or mozzarella if I have it, and maybe additional pepperoni on top. The crust is thick and uninspired, but it gets reasonably crisp and solid and supports the toppings. I find one makes a good snack while watching sports on tv for barely over a dollar.

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                        I'll have to pick up a personal Mama Celeste Supreme. Haven't had one of those since my best friend and I used to share one for our after junior high school snack. That was when both of us fit in the recliner together too! That good pizza, watching reruns of Hunter... good times.

                      2. If you can get your hands on a Gino's East deep dish frozen pizza from Chicago...they're fantastic! That or frozen Papa Del's from Champaign, IL.

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                          We just ate both Gino's East Sausage and Pizzeria Uno Pepperoni Deep Dish to do a taste test and we loved the Gino's East. We put a little oil in a cake pan and then baked for about 50 minutes. The Gino's has a little plastic pop up thing that indicates when it is done. The Gino's was just as good as from the restaurant! Will definitely get htat one again. ( Dh did not like the tomato sauce or the crust of the P uno's one.)

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                            Pizzeria Uno Warning:

                            I'm a Chicago native and have never had a frozen Ginos East Pizza, however, the frozen pizza sold in stores that is called Pizzaria Uno bears no relationship to the wonderful and original pizzas served in Chicago at Pizzario Uno and Pizzaria Due since the 1940s..

                            If you have had a frozen Pizzaria Uno pizza -- or had one at one of the restaurants around the country called Pizzaria Uno -- and decided that you don't care for Chicago-style deep dish pizza, I don't blame you, but please know that you haven't tasted the real deal.

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                              just checked my freezer and it is "Gino's East of Chicago". I bought it at Dominick's.

                        2. Paul Newman now has a line of pizzas, they are all natural and I like them alot

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                            In general Paul Newman (Newman's Own) products are good. Haven't seen their pizzas up here.

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                              I agree. I think it's very good. We like thin crust and have had CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) for a while. But Newman's flavor is excellent.

                            2. I haven't had many frozen pizzas without a sogginess and commercial taste. The Italian one at Costco (B&W photo on the cover,) is the best of the lot.
                              I do better with a ball of pizza dough from the mart: shape, spread on a sauce, sprinkle simple additions such as Italian tuna, herbs and fresh mozzarella, baked 15 min at 550F.
                              In 15 minutes the aroma is enticing, better than waiting for delivery.

                              1. I've just about given up an frozen pizza, all that salt, who needs it?

                                I keep pita bread around and cover one with jarred pizza sauce or marinara, through on some goat cheese, chop a few kalamato olives and through it in the toaster over for 8 minutes

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                                  Freeze take-out pizza? I'm lucky if I can hold on to the left overs for breakfast!

                                2. Target's Archer Farms brand.... look carefully, some pizzas are hand made in Italy... I have tried them and while they are not as good as home made, they are fairly good.

                                  1. Buy an extra, or a bigger size than you need, when you get it fresh from a pizzeria, then freeze well-wrapped slices. Rarely can a bought-frozen pizza compare with these.

                                    1. I like Di Giorno. Supreme. Sometimes I buy a plain one and dope it up with things I like (anchovies, onions and thick ricotta). I like their crust. Thickish, but crispy. Works in a pinch.

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                                        Me, too. I like to make my own pizzas, but I always have a DiGiorno in the freezer.

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                                          1. Home Run In
                                          2. Di Giorno
                                          3. Tombstone

                                      2. Red Baron 4 cheese has a better crust than the 5 cheese. Hight end frozen for me.
                                        I like Jacks cheese for a good deal. The best platform for weighty vegetables. I splash hot sauce on it before baking, that creates nice brown spots on the cheese.

                                        1. (greygarious is on the right track) this may be cheating a bit, but I took advantage of Papa John's current promotion and bought for only $10 a 14" 7-topping pizza, pulled apart the slices, waited till they were room temperature, then threw them in free vegetable bags I stole from the corner market, and froze the whole pie. when I want a snack, I pull out one or two frozen slices, pop them in the convection oven (I also have a pizza crisper pan), and 10 minutes later the pizza is as good as the day I ordered it. the trick here is to go with regular or thick crust, with lot's of cheese and toppings, that way when you freeze it while it's still luke warm fresh that locks in all the extra moisture. This trick yields far superior pizza with fresher your own choice ingredients, than any commercially frozen pie you may find.

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                                            re: Joe Berger
                                            With you on the freezing of the fresh pizza. I freeze all types, thin works well too. Don't usually cook in oven though (thin crust), gets too dry. Microwave.

                                          2. Well, so far it looks like Dr. Oetker's is the hands-down winner. I've never heard of this pizza before, but I am certainly going to try to locate it. Interestingly, Dr. Oetker's is the brand of premium quality springform pan that I use for making cheesecake. It's made in Germany.

                                            As for frozen pizzas, I've always been partial to Stouffer's French Bread Pizzas, which are very good if you get the loaded ones but seem to have too high a crust (i.e., French bread) ratio to toppings with some of the single ingredient pizzas. I particularly like the crispiness of the crust, although it is certainly not a traditional pizza.

                                            I haven't eaten very many frozen pizzas in the last twenty years or so because the fresh commercial ones just completely outshine them, but I do recall that many years ago, I loved Tombstone's Double Crust pizza, which had twice the cheese on it, as I recall. I don't think they make them anymore. At least, the double crust pizzas used to be all over the Chicago area, but I never see them here in Florida, even though you can get other Tombstone pizzas here.

                                              1. I really enjoy the cheese pizza from Trader Joe's. I usually have jazzed it up a little--chiffonade of fresh basil, sprinkling of parm, drizzle of olive oil, but it's always been quite tasty straight off the pizza stone.

                                                1. No joke--I used to buy SafeWay brand frozen pizzas and whip them up with extra toppings from the fridge. They were the best frozen pizza I ever found for adding toppings. Of course, this isn't really a reflection it as a frozen pizza (which I never tried solo), but is a reflection of the product as a great base