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Jan 11, 2008 07:32 PM

Best Frozen Pizza?

Ok, this may not be about haute cuisine, but any recommendations for the best frozen pizza to bide one's time between trips to the restaurants? I like Dr Oetkers that I get from Costco, but am looking for something better, or at least a change, hopefully with interesting toppings.

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  1. i like the dr. oetkers too.
    costco sells another brand that is really, really good...of course don't know the brand name but it comes in a red box with a black & white photgraph (i think!) but it's the only one made in italy. no preservatives, it's like mamma made the pizza, froze it and shipped to canada!....if i can dig up the name i will...the price is around $11.50 (for 3)...hope that helps.

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    1. re: todc1996

      I buy the Italian b&w boxed pizza too. I add leftovers from the fridge, or perhaps anchovies, frozen shrimp, a little tomato sauce and romano. It is superb, and ready in 15 minutes, on a pizza stone.

    2. I also like Dr Oetker's. It was a pleasant surprise. President's Choice does a selection of thin crust pizzas that are pretty good, but not really generous with the toppings in my opinion.

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      1. re: hungry_pangolin

        We love Bistro Alsace. They come nicely vacumned packed in 2's. Take only a few minutes to heat and have a very nice thin crust. Love the cheese and pepporoni. Since we've discovered these, we haven't ordered take out in months. So easy to have nice hot pizza in minutes.

        1. re: millygirl

          I second Bistro Alsace. Way better than Dr. Oetker's, or take out for that matter (if you can find it!)

      2. Dr. Oetker's is my fave, too. The spinaci and funghi are great, and they also have a new line of rising crust pizzas, called "Casa di Mama". Although I don't like the toppings on this new line quite as much as their original thin crust pizzas, the crust is pretty great.

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        1. re: redearth

          I never eat frozen Pizza but when I am out with the 'girls' my husband eats P.C. Wood Fired Pizza to which he adds hot peppers. A friend told us about Dr. Oetker's which she really likes...he will eat that as well but generally buys P.C as his first choice.

        2. At Trader Joe's they have the woodfired pizzas imported from Italy...and they are quite good for frozen...

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          1. re: ChowFun_derek

            I like the TJ frozen pizzas too. The spinach one is pretty good.

            1. re: ChowFun_derek

              Ditto the TJ frozen pizzas! We love the pesto pizza (with spinach and broccoli) and the French tart-type pizza with ham and gruyere cheese!

            2. I've never tried Dr. Oetkers, but based on all these positive comments, I'm going to go to Costco today to buy one!

              My favorite is American Flatbread.

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              1. re: andyeats

                Costco generally only has a multi-pack of one type of Dr. Oetker's, I believe - the deluxe, aka pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers. For their better flavours, most other grocery stores carry them as well... My original faves are the spinaci and the funghi....

                1. re: redearth

                  that's a pity for vegetarians. The only ones I touch are the meatless kinds (spinach, mushroom, etc). I'm not vegetarian but very fussy about what processed meats I'll eat.

                2. re: andyeats

                  Second American Flatbread. And I've also been to one of the restaurants...even better!