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Jan 11, 2008 06:56 PM

Fresh Tofu Market

Does anyone know of any Montréal stores that sell fresh-made tofu? The less expensive the better. In Pittsburgh (of all places) there is a market that makes their own tofu and sells it 4 squares for a dollar!

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  1. There is a health food store on Parc avenue on the East side of the street between Laurier and Fairmont that makes fresh tofu. It is very tasty, and my partner says the price is not outrageous. They also sell other oriental products. The Kimchi is only so-so though. However, I believe they offer the choice of Vegan Kimchi, which is rare.

    Can anyone remember the name of this place? It is the place with the giganitic Chopsticks and tofu squares as a display in the window.

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    1. re: moh

      Aliments Santé T & S Health Food
      5151 Park Ave.
      514 276-8878

      Agree that it's one of the best places for tofu these days.

      1. re: carswell

        yes indeed that is the place! Thanks!

      2. I know exactly what you're talking about as I've purchased tofu from that Chinese market in Pittsburgh many times. It's so fresh it's still hot! I've found a tofu that is similar in texture and flavor at Segal’s. It comes in small 5 ounce blocks, in a big round tupperware, maybe 6 to a package? It's labeled Les Aliments Wah Hoa Inc. It’s a soft silky tofu that’s quite tasty. I couldn’t find anything about this company on Google, except that their address is in Montreal. Although not still hot off the presses, it generally tastes quite fresh to me. I've purchased it many times and never had a sour batch. I've also seen it at other stores around town, but can't remember where. Maybe Merci Vrac at Jean Talon?

        I’ve also been meaning to check out h & s, based on what I read at this blog:

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          T&S tofu is lovely. I don't often like flavoured tofus, but their tofu with fresh ginger is excellent. Their soya milk is good too, but MUST be consumed immediately - it doesn't keep at all (separates, and gets a nasty taste).

          I've found Wah Hoa in Asian shops - in the Jean-Talon area you'll find it at the shops on St-Denis (Marché Oriental, Thai Hour etc) more than at Merci Vrac or Alfalfa, the natural products shop. Only downside for those who care about such thing, it is not organic.

          There is a huge overturn at those shops - I`ve seen people walk in there and buy three or four tubs at a time, and the delivery coming often, so I`m sure it is always fresh. I`ve never had a sour batch either. Reminds me - must walk over there this morning, while it is dry and mild weather.

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            Wow. I didn't expect someone else in Montréal to know about Lotus in the strip! Thanks for the blog link as well--seems like a good page to have bookmarked.

            1. re: hungryjackhungry

              I lived in Pittsburgh for 7 years before moving to Montreal, and I used to walk down to the strip from Oakland all the time when the weather was nice.

              Obviously in my post above I mean T & S, not h&s. Has anyone tried their tempeh?

          2. I'll vouch for T&S too. The owners are very friendly, they know their stuff, the tofu is good and the prices are low.

            1. Thanks for all the replies. I can't wait to check these places out. I haven't made fried tofu w/ peanut sauce and steamed napa since I left Pittsburgh. T & S sounds great.

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                Just bought some tofu today at T & S. Got two large squares of soft tofu (about 3-4 inches by 4 inches by two inches) for $3.70. It was very tasty.

                I have also been very happy with Wah Hoa, and any of the brands you can find in a plastic tub. Key thing is to buy it at an Asian store, either in Chinatown or in a very busy Asian store elsewhere. As Lagatta rightly points out, you want to make sure it is a place with good turnover to ensure freshness!

                1. re: moh

                  PA carries one of the brands in the plastic tub, and (at least at the downtown location) there's a pretty good turnover - I've yet to have a problem with freshness buying it there. And today I finally got to T&S - not only picked up some tofu, but also some homemade chicken dumplings (which will be tomorrow's lunch - there was one package left, and it looked too good to pass up).

                  1. re: cherylmtl

                    ooh please let us know how you found the dumplings....

                    (it seems we have the same late night habits based on the time of your post!)

              2. Aliments Wah Hoa Inc has a factory in st. henry. I'm not sure if it's cheaper but I used to go there as a kid to get my tofu and soy products