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Jan 11, 2008 06:36 PM

What's good at Javier's in the Irvine Spectrum?


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  1. Chicken MOLE Enchiladas, Shrimp Prawns.

    1. Keep in mind they just sold their original Laguna Beach location!

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      1. re: carter

        They didn't sell it. They are just moving to Crystal Cove Promenade in Newport.
        Should be open soon.

      2. NOT the shrimp salad. Their entree salads are tiny and the I thought the shrimp would be grilled but they were boiled (cocktail style)...but they were quite large.

        My friend had a pretty good looking beef dish though.

        1. Only ever tried the cheese enchiladas, which were OK. Anyone like a particular dish at Javier's?

          1. I really like the crab and shrimp chimichanga.