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Jan 11, 2008 06:29 PM


Hi all, I have yet another business meeting at this portuguese resto. I didn't find much here but elsewhere it has good reviews. Any opinions from fellow hounds and specific dish recommendations. I browsed their menu online already :)

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  1. we had our work xmas party there and iy was really great. the marlin carpaccio was delicious as well as the roasted tomato and goat cheese tapas. their olive oil is sublime over the raw fish. i had the rack of lamb which was ok but two of my colleagues who are portugese had tuna which they said was amazing.

    1. My S.O. really likes their spicy fish soup.

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        Well, we went last night, so a bit late for those recs :( I knew I should have had the tuna as a main! I had the dorade royale and it was just ok, a bit undersalted. We shared the following appetizers: lamb cubes, fried calamari, grilled octopus, tuna slices and the clams. It wasn't bad but didn't blow me away; I think this place is more about atmosphere with some good food. At the prices they charge and the act they put on, I feel the food should be more unique and superior.