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Jan 11, 2008 06:00 PM

Fresh milk in St. Catharines

I am looking to start making my own cheeses, mostly soft, but I was wondering where or how to obtain non ultra pasturized milk in the St. Catharines area, local fresh would be awesome.

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  1. How much cheese do you want to make? Cow, sheep or goat? Sheep and goat is less regulated, and you could find a farmer who might sell to you at the gate. Cow milk... is covered by so many regulations regarding quota etc, that it may be more difficult. Having said that if you are only looking for a few litres there is a super slight chance that someone would sell it to you. super slight.

    1. A few years ago the EU cheese producers had to stop using fresh milk, and guess what, cheeses with 200 year old traditions continued on without a problem.