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Jan 11, 2008 05:48 PM

DFW -Lesser known restaurants near downtown

Hey all,

Some of us at work are starting a dining out club to meet once a month at a little or lesser known restaurant near downtown. We work at Parkland and would want places no farther than 15 miles from work. First up we are going to go to Kavala's. I also wanted to bring up Don Panza (sp?). Any other good suggestions for me??? I'd LOVE at least 10 more places.


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    1. Snowwhite,

      Baby Back Shak - same neighborhood as SouthSide on Lamar

      Elaine's Kitchen - Great Curried Oxtails, Jerk Chicken - mostly to go place and rough neighborhood (next to Forrest Theater on MLK Blvd @ btwn 175/CF Hawn and I-45


      South Dallas Cafe - off Grand Ave close to Fair Park (about 1.5 blocks off of Robert B Cullum Blvd & Grand Ave) - Absolutely awesome southern home cooking and great jazz on the weekends

      El Ranchito - on Jefferson across from the Fiesta (more Oak Cliff) but it is somewhat close to downtown! Great for a big mariachis....great food....could it get any better? Yes. The palateria factory down the street has a vast selection for about $0.75 to $1.00 per bar, a great follow up to an awesome meal

      Don Panza (for sure) not too close to Downtown....Kessler Park. Awesome Pizza and empanada (call ahead if you want spicy beef empanadas b/c they sell out quickly

      Wingfields Breakfast & Burgers - 2615 S Beckley Ave Dallas, TX 75224 - The largest juciest freshly made hamburger I have had to date and with the cheapest price tag! Definetely call ahead and it is to go only. The waiting area is about enough room for 5-6 people. It is well worth the drive and wait to have one of these burgers!

      La Popular Tamale House - Colombia @ Munger - Best tamales I have had.....still have to try our Gloria Campos's recommendation of Panaderia Mexicana on Cockrell Hill Rd

      Jimmy's Italian Market - Bryan @ Fitzhugh - Best fresh made sandwiches. I also like the salami selection, great housemade meatballs, and italian sausage, round it off with some fruit from Tom Spicer's FM 1410 about two doors away from Jimmy's along Fitzhugh. I just got some the best tangerines there I have ever had. Seasonal selection of fruits, veggies, herbs, and exotic mushrooms/truffles.

      Fuel City - on Industrial Blvd hard to miss....Great Picadillo Tacos

      I would second the recommendation of Kuby's!

      If you have a sweet tooth....Rush Pastisserie . Awesome pastry's and sweet tooth indulgences

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        1. If you hit the Bishop Arts District, you get Hattie's, Tillman's Roadhouse, Veracruz Cafe, the new Zen Sushi restaurant and a few other locally owned spots.

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            Thanks for all the info. I'll let you know how we liked Kavala's.