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Good reasonably priced Italian in West LA or Santa Monica

I fancy an italian meal with my wife tonight just curious if anyone knows of any reasonablly priced good italian in the westside. Thanks in advance.

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    1. Cafe Angelino

      Excellent flat pizzas, al dente pastas... By Cedars-Sinai, on 3rd, near Robertson


      1. Tanino in Westwood is very good. I prefer to Il Forno, which is good. Especially like the spaghetti with sea urchin.

        1. I'd also suggest Antica Pizzeria in Marina del Rey in the shopping center at Lincoln and Maxella. They have the most authentic Italian pizza outside of Italy.

          Also, if you are willing to drive to West Hollywood on a Friday night I'd go to Angeli for delicious and affordable food.


          1. My boyfriend and I really enjoy Fritto Misto on Colorado and 6th!

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              I was just going to say Fritto Misto. See their menu with price here:


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                very cheap, pretty good, $2 corkage. be warned, it gets LOUD

              2. Playa Del Rey is near by. Always enjoyed the food at:

                Caffe Pinguini
                6935 Pacific Ave.
                Playa del Rey, CA 90293

                Take Jefferson blvd going towards the beach, turns into Culver Blvd. to the very end. There are some street parking. Romantic, indoor and outdoor dining. The coconut ice cream is to die for.

                1. Enzo and Angela at Wilshire and Barrington.

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                    I've wanted to try Enzo & Angela for a while now. Any particular dishes worth trying?

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                        go with the specials - they always have a lot of them and if you choose one that sounds good to you, it usually is - real pricey though, esp. the seafood - i had a great lemon shrimp tagliatelli once, a baked seafood risotto that was good though too rich - and a sausage and polenta that was really satisfying - not in love with their ceasar - they do have a nice tomato garlic oregano concoction for the bread which is good

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                          If you like shellfish, go with the mixed seafood pasta or just a lovely bowl of linguini and clams or mussels. I was just there on Friday night and thought the service was friendly, food was wonderful and the prices were reasonable. Most dishes are under $20.00 and portions are generous. They are now open Sunday night for dinner (which gives Sunday diners in the neighborhood a less expensive option than Toscana).