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Jan 11, 2008 04:48 PM

Where do I eat in Charleston?!?!

My boyfriend is taking me to Charleston next weekend for my birthday and I've been looking at restaurants to eat at for three hours now. I really want to go to places that have a good atmosphere and aren't touristy. He has already made reservations at Peninsula Grill. So far I've got:
- The wreck
- Hominy Grill
- Gullah cuisine
- Jim and Nicks BBQ
- Charleston Cafe
- Fig
- The Boathouse
- Il cortile del re
I would love feed back on these or any suggestions on whats better for lunch or brunch or dinner. Thanks

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. -FIG is great for dinner. atmosphere has a nice vibe to it. the braised short rib is out of this world.
      -The Wreck is the best for unpretentious seafood
      -I found SNOB to be overrated
      -Charleston Grill has always been my favorite restaurant in the city.

      I haven't tried the others, but you've come up with a great list.

      If you're willing to drive a bit, The Fat Hen is a good lunch place on Johns Island (chef used to be at 39 Rue de Jean, back when it was good).

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      1. My wife and LOVE the Peninsula Grill. The food is fantastic and do not miss the coconut cake for desert. It is in a class by itself, no other coconut cake even comes close to this one - truly amazing!!!!!!!

        1. Don't miss the wreck. Great seafood, casual, right on a patio on the water. In the evening the place is dazzled with candle light and is like sitting out on the front porch at home- only with a nice pile of fired shrimp and oysters. It is cash or check only.

          I've been really wanting to try fig. Place and menu looks great. I've also heard some amazing things about mcgrady's but never eaten there. Menu is impressive.

          Our experience at snob was mediocre at best, overrated and overpriced, but the interior is quite nice and comfortable. I can't remember clearly what we ate there, and it was only a few months ago- not a good sign. It wouldn't be my first choice.

          1. Thanks for the help! A friend of mine swears by High Cotton and 82 Queen. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on those as well.

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              In the last eight years, I have been to Charleston and Kiawah Island Resort four times....skipping a year in between I cannot attest to any recent review, but from an experience stand point.

              Our trips always included a dinner at Magnolia's, and SNOB. Frankly, I never can never understand the omission of Magnolia's on this site when Charleston is mentioned and I cannot understand the negative comments regarding SNOB. I have found both to be consistently excellent over the years.

              With regards to 82 Queen, it is a beautiful setting, but the food is good, but not exciting.

              Recommendations for:

              SNOB Maverick Grits...winner of top ten new dishes in GQ magazine....that's how I originally heard of SNOB

              Magnolia's Filet of Beef with Blue Cheese Gravy.