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Jun 4, 2001 11:02 AM

Good Carnicerias - recommendations

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I've done a search on carniceria recommendations for Los Angeles, but didn't turn up very much in the way of specific info.

Can anyone tell me of *notable* carnicerias between downtown and the westside? I work in Pasadena but live in Santa Monica and drive home thru mid-city quite often. I see many shops I should probably try (for good, tender, well-marinated asada beef, carnitas, etc.) in Pico Union area and "little guatemala," but was wondering if anyone had specific recommedations. We had one over on Pico Blvd. in Santa Monica, but they went out of business last year.



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  1. La Serenata on Pico between the Westside Pavillion and Islands. It's the scaled down version of the original La Serenata di Garabaldi which has two locations - one being in Santa Monica on 4th street across from the Border Grill. I'd take this place over Border Grill any day.

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      La Serenata is a restaurant, not a carneceria.

      There's one on Olympic right off Cloverfield, across from the Ralph's. It's next to Taqueria Sanchez, which has great cheap tacos.

      I think this fulfills your Westside requirement. But it's not the best Carneceria. It's fine, though.

    2. Try El Camaguey on Venice Blvd in Culver City. It is East of Sepulveda and West of Overland on the North side of the street. There is one on Venice just West of Centinela on the South side of the street. It is Oxacan.

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        I have driven past both of them, but never stopped in. Thanks.