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What should I do with cube steak?

Hi all,

Last night at the market I bought some cube steak, sort of by accident (I thought it was chopped enough to make hamburgers from, but, well, it wasn't -- live and learn!). So, does anybody have any tasty ideas for how to cook it? What is the point of cube steak, anyhow?


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  1. Cube steak is pounded until tender. The only time I purchase it is when I want to treat myself to chicken fried steak: the only appropriate use for cube steak as far as I'm concerned.

    1. Cube steak, in my world, is mostly for chicken fried steak (CFS). Ideally it is coated in a breading and pan fried until golden and crispy and served with mashed potatoes and cream gravy with plenty of black pepper. It is the official Oklahoma state meal. I'm serious. The "point" of it is that its a tough piece of meat that has been cut thin and seriously pounded to make it more tender. CFS is a way to make something glorious out of something cheap. CFS can be either glorious or truly awful.

      My mom would also cut it in strips and stew it with tomatoes, onions and red & green bell peppers.

      1. I found this recipe in Bon Apetit a few years ago for cube steaks. I had never had a cube steak before except for chicken fried steak. But this recipe is pretty tasty.

        1. This sounds incredibly bizarre, but my mom used to make a dish called roulardi (sp?) that was cube steaks wrapped around a pickle spear, secured with a toothpick, and cooked over the stove until the steak was cooked through. She served it over egg noodles with a thick cream-of-mushroom-based sauce. I'll post the recipe if I can find one online.

          I never cared for egg noodles or thick cream sauces, but I've made the cube steak/pickle part and it's actually really tasty. Strange to explain to someone, but tasty. =)

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            Well, it turns out my mom was mispronouncing it--it's called Rouladen. And she also was HUGELY shortcutting, and served everything over egg noodles with cream of mushroom soup on top, so what we ate probably wasn't that close to the real thing.

            However, the real thing sounds pretty good--cube steaks spread with mustard and then wrapped around bacon, pickle and onion. One of the simpler recipes for it that I could find:

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              Haha! Your mom was so high!

              I was chuckling while I was reading your post.

              I can relate! My mom would mispronounce just about everything. Usually on purpose trying to be funny.

              Everything was Cream of Mushroom soup based. I wish she would have done a noodle once in a while. Her schtick was Minute Rice. I like everything nice. Except my Minute Rice.

              If I ever saw my mom wrapping beat up meat around a pickle spear then dousing it with a log of soup, why....I just don't know!

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                "If I ever saw my mom wrapping beat up meat around a pickle spear then dousing it with a log of soup"

                This made me laugh out loud! That's it, pretty much, and yet somehow it was delicious! Egad, the things memory will soften.... =)

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                Mmm, Rouladen. I learned from my German mother-in-law (and from what I have read over the years there are a number of variations) but when I crave rouladen, this is how I was taught - take insde round cutlets (or cube steak in a pinch) slather those pieces with regular mustard, s&p, add a piece of bacon, a pickle spear and some stale-ish rye bread and sliced onions. Roll and secure with a toothpick. Now brown, really brown, all round and then add some water or stock. Simmer 1-1/2 to 2 hours, remove and make gravy with the liquid. Serve with spaetzle, dumplings or mashed potatoes. MMMMM, I think I want some now....

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                that link didn't work for me, but i thought of Pioneer Woman too, her Marlboro Man Steak Sandwich uses cube steak

              2. Well I love cube steak, as chicken fried steak. I don't dip in egg, just seasoned flour. Sort of pound the first round in, then dredge through again with more seasoned flour. I love it cooked med hi in oil, add some onions and garlic powder, lots of salt and pepper.
                Remove when its med rare, and the outside is golden brown. Hold aside. Add milk to the pan and build the cream gravy. Thicken to your liking, and add the meat and onions back to the pan. Turn it on low or off. Serve with mashed potatoes/ Simple simple simple.
                One of my favorite breakfast items with farm fresh eggs over easy, and served with crispy golden hash browns....

                1. I use cube steak all of the time and unlike the majority of people, I broil it. Try my recipe for broiled cube steak below. It is quick, delicious, and easy when you wanna get it going and eat. Simply season your cube steak with a little Seasoned Salt, Chili Powder, Paprika, and Black Pepper on both sides and chill them out for a few minutes. Next, set your oven to broil and preheat your broiler pan for 10 to 15 minutes with the broiler pan on the top oven rack and the oven door closed. Place them on the hot broiler and broil them for 4 Min. 30 Sec. then turn and broil the other side for 3 Min. keeping the oven door cracked open to ventilate. These are excellent and tender eaten just like this.
                  ...........Wanna Make them better???

                  A good topping for these is to chop 1/2 a bell pepper, 1/4 an onion, 3 cloves garlic, and 5 small mushrooms and saute everything but the garlic at the same time in hot olive oil. Remember to add the garlic after everything else is cooked and to cook it in for the last 30-45 seconds of cooking time adding a dash of salt and pepper in with the garlic. Top the Cube Steaks with this pan saute layered with a small spoonful of sour cream in the middle to finish. These are Real Good!

                  1. I realize this is a really old resurrected thread, but thought I'd put something out there to do with cube steak. I used to live and work in Russia when I was a young adult. There was this lovely old babushka that lived on my floor that helped me to learn to cook from scratch (because when I lived there, the only foods were whole foods... processed, boxed foods that I was raised on didn't exist there at that time). She taught me this dish called "meat in the style done in the villages", so a very rustic dish, but to this day, I enjoy it.

                    Take the cube steak, and cut it into strips. Put in the bottom of a casserole. Season lightly with thyme, cumin, oregano, salt and pepper. Brush with a thin layer of mayonnaise. Sprinkle chopped green pepper and onions over this. Season again with same mixture. Place thinly sliced potatoes in a shingle style over the vegetables. Brush with a thin layer of mayonnaise. Top with cheese of choice (when living there, I used whatever was available and would melt, but now use a nice, mildly sharp cheddar). Bake until meat is done

                    I know this sounds kind of gross (with the mayo and all) and very, very rustic, but I am still pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy this and others that I've made it for do as well. It's one of those things that sound boring, but works for us. Anyway, thought I'd share it.

                    1. Chopped up mushrooms, sausage/ham sauteed with garlic. Then wrapped up in a cube steak, secured with a twine.This rolls are then fried in butter with a whole clove of garlic and sprig. It's heaven.

                      1. You can do chicken fried steak which is classically battered and deep fried or you can do a country fried steak where they are drenched in flour then egg/milk mixture and then bread crumbs and pan fried. Serve it with white gravy, mashed potatoes and green beans, a classic southern dinner especially if you think Texas is in the south.

                        You could make Swiss steak with it too.

                        1. It's so cheap at my market that I use it to make Loco Moco when we're craving comfort food.

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                              Sticky rice, cube steak or hamburger patties and fried egg, topped with brown gravy. I got hooked in Hawaii and have continued to make it on my own ever since.

                          1. There are 3 things i use cube steaks for,
                            1 you take some flour salt and pepper and bread it and then bake it quickly or put it in a frying pan and cook it fast. theres no set temp about 400-450 F until the digital thermometer says its good. Another is same as above but with shake n bake

                            last you can cook them in a crock pot with large onion chunks and potatos quartered or eighthed, season with a can or 2 of cream of mushroom soup.

                            1. No official name on this as a recipe...
                              Put cube steak in electric skillet cover with a can of diced tomatoes . Cover that with a 16 oz bag of frozen bell pepper with onion strips ( i get these at kroger) add ½ tsp Itallian seasoning, Diced garlic. Cover let cook @ 275º for about 40 mins, (add water if start to run low on water). No stirring needed. Add salt &/or pepper for individual taste. Tender, tasty, fast and easy.

                              1. paste it to a wall, photograph it, and send the photo to a gallery, to see if they want to add it to current or planned show.

                                Otherwise, grind it, and use it in a dish fried or other.

                                Do you have a grinder?

                                I have never chopped one, but this is another option with such an accident purchase.