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Jan 11, 2008 03:54 PM

Never Tried Sushi

Hey fellow Chowhounders. I know it's hard to believe, but at the ripe old age of 21, I have yet to try sushi. Before I go spend a bit of money, I was curious as to what you enjoy, sushi-wise. I know everyone has different tastes, but I was just wondering.

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  1. The best things for newbies to try, generally, are tuna and salmon. Especially if you are already used to eating them cooked - it's just a short hop to the raw state.
    (To me, raw salmon tastes somewhat buttery.)

    1. I had written off sushi as something i was sure i wouldn't like, partly due to the "raw fish" perception....and also cuz i figured the nori would taste like licking a

      I was in my early thirties before i tried it ! Just a couple of years ago , and now i LOVE it. If you have the option, go with someone who knows what they're doing...knows what to order and who can suggest not too scary things for a newbie. I got braver each time I went !

      1. Another thing newbies seem to like is unagi, perhaps because it's not really raw, it's smoked, and has a candied tinge.

        But if you're a fearless chowhound with no preconceived aversions, just go for it! Omakase baby!

        1. I think of California Rolls as sushi with training wheels. All the ingredients are cooked. The ones with the fake crab (Pollock meat) are easier to deal with for people who don't like shellfish.

          If you are not hooked after that then try a dynamite roll (which has a shrimp tempura - cooked)

          Then you can graduate to tuna rolls or negitoro rolls (tuna belly with scallion). Or Salmon maki or nigiri.

          If you are still not hooked, then just give up right now.

          1. Great advice on both starting with California rolls, and on going with someone who knows a little about sushi. There are many sushi treats that contain all cooked ingredients.

            Also, unless you like salmon a great deal as a cooked dish, you will most likely not like it raw. Good quality tuna, however, is rarely "fishy"-tasting and has a nice consistency.

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              I find raw salmon nigiri to be one of the most divine things I've ever eaten, but tend to not care so much for cooked salmon. My wife feels the same way....