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Jan 11, 2008 03:27 PM

ISO of good butcher on a budget

Are any of the grocery chains decent and dependable enough to trust when we need an economical cut, which is most of the time? Or even neighborhood (Echo Park to East Hollywood) markets? We can't afford prime cuts, except on very special occasions, so what I'm looking for is advice on where to find the best value and quality at a reasonable price.

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    1. Jon's Markets have very well priced meat items. I'm not fond of the beef quality grade but their pork and lamb are very well priced. Also, 99 Ranch has very good pricing and excellent selection on pork.

      1. Alexander's Prime Meats (inside Howie's Ranch Market)
        6580 North San Gabriel Blvd.
        San Gabriel
        (626) 286-8871

        1. How's in N. Hollywood and Pasadena/San Marino, great meats, nice butchers. I know it is a trek, but I had great choice tri-tip for $2.99, i buy it, season and freeze, my friend did the Choice Prime Rib for Christmas at $5.99, it was great.

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            I mentioned this on another thread, but yesterday at HOWS I picked up bacon-wrapped tournedoes (a French name for a filet) for 2.99/lb! What's more the meat was USDA Prime. HOWS regularly carries Rocky chickens for cheap, as well as Brandt natural beef. The butcher is polite, and helpful. It's a great place.

          2. I find the best thing to do is follow the adds you get in the Tuesday paper. They have most of the major markets and a few lesser known chains. They meat is all usually select grade but when you on a budget and need to feed a family it's the best value for the $. They flier usually include stores like Jons, Tres Sieres (sp?), Vallerta, cubano, etc...go for the special becasue the astores almost always sell the add meat at a loss or at cost just to get you in the door.