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Leftover beef stew

I made a huge ol' pot of beef stew the other night and still have a ton leftover. Aside from freezing it, what else can I do with the leftovers to get another meal out of it? My husband and I have already had it twice this week for dinner and I would like to reinvent it somehow if I can...

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  1. Pot pies, pasties, shepherd's pie?

    1. Burritos . . . add some cumin and oregano to the broth, thicken a little if necessary, throw in some slices of canned green chiles, and roll up in flour tortillas. I'd get rid of any big chunks of celery first, and you wouldn't want to include too much carrot, but potatoes would be fine.

        1. This made sound obvious, but you can also dilute it a bit and enjoy it as soup as an appetizer before dinner, or for lunch.

          1. I saw a recipe once that used leftover beef stew added into to a homemade tomato sauce recipe, to make a sort of ragu... that was then served over pasta. (Of course, if there are potatoes in the stew, I'm not sure it would be the best combination)

            1. Add some Thai/Indian/Indonesian/Malaysian curry paste into it (homemade or jarred).

              1. I can't think of anything nicer than to pull out a pot pie and throw it in the oven when I'm tired... Use a cheddar cheese pastry for the dough and maybe add some horseradish to the stew.

                Or you could bake some potatoes, split them, put them in a little dish that will hold the overflow, and spill some stew over, wrap well and freeze. Reheat when you want and add sour cream and chives or your favorite toppings.

                I love left overs!

                1. I used my left over braised beef short rib for filling for my first attempts at home made ravioli. Maybe something along that line? It makes freezing easier and is a ready to cook meal.

                  1. Personally I think that the point of making a large stew is to actually eat it for the next few days and it gets better with every day.

                    1. While reading one of Mercella Hazan's cookbook's lately, I saw a recipe where she adds leftover beef stew to risotto. I would certainly try that.