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Jan 11, 2008 02:41 PM

claim jumper

I remember going to one in so cal, many, many years ago. huge portions, really good. do they still hold up??? they are really popular chain here in vegas. THX.

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  1. here we go...

    I like the meatloaf.

    1. I LOVE the California Citrus Salad, there's the country fired steak, the Frisco Burger, the Widow Maker burger, Glazed Walnut & Asian Pear Salad. I have to stop now or I'm going to pass out from thinking about it.

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      1. re: Bakersfield Hound

        Overall I think they still hold up. Use to go often back in the early to mid 90s. Past then didn't go much because they got rid of a couple of menu items that we really enjoyed, and thus we were disappointed. They use to have a great red cabbage salad served on the side with main menu items. They also had really good fettucini alfredo (with chicken, I think). Now only go when invited. Past few times have been when invited for co-workers service anniversary. I forget what I had, but it was very good. I tasted another's who ordered the pot roast and was raving about it. All I can say is WOW. The flavor was outstanding and it was so tender and moist it virtually melted away in my mouth.

        Long story short. If you like huge portions done up well in an 'fine dining restaurant manner', very pleasant ambience then you'll probably enjoy Claim Jumper. One of the better 'chains'.

        1. re: crt

          I remember going to CJ in the late 70's/early 80's, may have been the original one in Los Alamitos, when they use to charge by the lb for children. They had a large scale that you would jump on. Also, they use to give root beer barrel candy which was one of my favs as a kid.

          1. re: justagthing

            That's the one I grew up going to also, justagthing. That was back when potato skins with cheddar and bacon were a novelty. This was also the first restaurant I remember seeing waiters sing for your birthday.

            1. re: Oh Robin

              What a coincidence. The Los Alamitos location was also where I was introduced to CJ as well. Maybe we should start an alumni! I didn't know that it had been in existence since the late 70s though. I don't know when but that location was finally closed and moved to its new location in Long Beach on PCH just east of 2nd St. It was already an existing facility that had been a very popular restaurant in and of itself before it closed. I can't for the life of me remember what that was and I had dined there quite a few times when I lived in LB. Do either of you (justathing or Oh Robin) remember what that restaurant was?

              Edited to add...I think I just remembered what it was, Bobby McGees! Right???

              1. re: crt

                that could be it, but not 100% sure.

                1. re: crt

                  If we're going to start an alumni group, count me in! I grew up eating at the Los Alamitos location too. My parents live near the one on PCH near 2nd Street so I go there once every couple of years. Always had fond memories.

        2. I think it is a very good chain, you have some people that complain that it is not gourmet enough for them, but my guess is that when nobody's looking they really enjoy it. The chopped wedge salads are very good.

          1. Went to the local CJ in Laguna Hills off La Paz in Orange County with my wife tonight, Sunday night. The wait was 20 minutes so we ate at the bar. The bartender was very good, served a heffenweisen and a good chardonnay (14 hands, a Washington vintner) in the crowded bar. Our salad was a very fine spinach mix with red onions, crisp noodles, candied walnuts and some crumbled cheese, which we split. I was surprised at how tasty the dressing was and how it was mixed neither with a heavy hand or too light a one. I ordered a very tasty burger and my wife had a great pasta. Good service, good food, excellent quality control. Reasonable, but not cheap. prices. The menu, by the way, was extensive. All in all a good chain.

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            1. re: EclecticEater

              You know what's funny/I remember in the 1990s and early 2000 period seeing Claim Jumper frozen tv dinners at my local H.E.B. grocery store.I guess they got out of the frozen food business,or if not,they don't carry their stuff around here any more.

              1. re: HollyDolly

                They still do make frozen foods, but I have never tried them.

            2. We went to the fairly new one in Tucson (I think it's a couple of years old now) and they messed up 3 out of 4 dinners: one was stone cold, one was rare instead of medium, and one was the wrong item. Service was very friendly, though - the manager came over and comp'd us desserts. Lovely surroundings, lively atmosphere, and we might return, but the food's too expensive for those kinds of mistakes.