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Jan 11, 2008 02:39 PM

Valentine's 2008

I'm looking for suggestions for a Valentine's dinner for this year. Since this is the first romantic holiday since getting married and with our first child on the way I want to find the perfect place. I did a quick search here and saw one post about Mamma Maria's for dinner which sounded nice but I my co-worker said it's an older crowd (I'm 25) but I haven't ruled it out. I am looking for a place with great simple food that won't kill the newly formed college fund or overwhelm a pregnant woman's superhero-esque sense of smell. Our budget is around $200 and would like it to be within Boston not too far and out not North since we are coming from Quincy. I think of romantic as not dealing with 500 people, tons of noise, and tables that are packed on top of each other. We prefer steakhouses or Italian- last two V-days were Maggiano's and Flemmings. Where can I cuddle up with my new wife and have an evening we won't soon forget?

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  1. Oak Room, Chateau Briand for 2. YUM!

    1. Carmen in the North End is so quaint and romantic.

      1. 10 tables in JP does a nice valentine's day prix fixe dinner. you'll find lots of info about it on the board; it's a small, intimate venue with excellent cooking--subtle but not at all fussy. however, due to its small size, it can get a bit loud.

        1. I'd second both Carmen or 10 T, but I would book now, as both have very small dining rooms and I would imagine tables don't turn as quickly on VD

          1. Several years ago we did the v-day menu at Blue Ginger and had an exquisitely wonderful time. The quality of service and food was tremendously good, and Ming was in the kitchen. I know some folks think Blue Ginger is "over" but I and my (now) husband loved it, and it was worth every penny. I just looked on their website, and there's nothing on there right now about v-day, but it might be worth calling if you're interested.

            Also, what about Salts in Cambridge? Excellent food, romantic atmosphere, and they do a famous roasted duck for two (which you have to order in advance).

            EDITED TO ADD: whoops! I just noticed the thing about steak/italian. Sorry, I didn't read as carefully as I should have. I'm leaving these recs, though, in case others come to this thread looking for ideas, too.