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Jan 11, 2008 02:36 PM

Jimboys tacos, sac

anybody been to this chain??? they have one here in vegas and I'd like to try one, I'm originally from the SF east bay area, but they don't have any here yet. THX.

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  1. About a zillion times. IMO, the best fast food taco you can get. They are even better at the Roseville Auction though....

    They cook the taco differently. No taco shell, the tortilla is fried on a griddle, the meat added, to the inside, the tortilla folded, cheese melted over it and then parmesan cheese is sprinkled on the outer shell.

    Lettuce is the only thing added after cooking. Best with the "hot" sauce (original).

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      I've eaten at Jimboys many times here in the Sacramento area. I like their tacos, they're different. It's not your typical Tex-Mex taco. It's a Caulieforneeia taco. ;-)

      Here's a link to their website with a history page.

    2. It's a different kinda thing. IMHO not worth a trip out of your way, but try it if you're near one and hungry.

      It's an interesting take on the fast food taco. As noted above, no industrial made-in-New-Jersey taco shells, but corn tortillas that aren't bad. Not good, but... The dusting of parmesean cheese is an interesting and tasty twist. Other cheeses involved in the process (the orange stuff that they probably characterize as cheddar) have the mouthfeel of a petroleum byproduct. Avoid. The picadillo is big step above typical fast-food beef filling. Nothing special, but edible.

      When it's late at night, you're hungry, and the drive-through is there, give 'em a shot. Keep your expectations limited and you may be pleasantly surprised.

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        I have never had cheddar cheese - or any orange cheese - on a Jimboy's taco. After reading this thread, this weekend I made a pilgrimage to the midtown location and got two perfect tacos with white cheese, most likely Monterey Jack.

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          I don't know what "Jimboy" you go to, but you seemed to put the best fast food taco chain to shame. They are the greatest! I had 2 today, one beef & one chicken and both were WONDERFUL. I have never had a better tasting cheese than what they use. hummmm.....makes me wonder if there are 2 Jim - Boys!!!!

        2. Wow, Vegas! I knew there were Jimboys in Reno, but Las Vegas is a shock. Definately go and have some tacos. I am partial to the chicken tacos myself. The flavors and juices are very good. I like the soft/hard texture of the fried tortilla and the fresh ingredients. Usually, they have Sunday Tacos too - ground beef, but dirt cheap.

          Their quesadillas are very good, especially with the fresh salsa bar. Go and try this successful Sacramento chain when you have a chance. I am glad to see they are becoming more successful.

          1. There's several of them in the Reno area. The quality varies widely here. Probably the best one is on Sullivan Lane in Sparks. I stopped going to the one on Wells AVenue in Reno, the quality was so poor.

            1. They have been around the Sacramento area for years. They tacos are the best offering; different, kind of like Jack 'n Box's 2 for $1 tacos, a guilty pleasure snack. Their other food is tex-mex fast food forgetable IMO.

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                They are NOTHING AT ALL like Jacks 2 for ones. Jimboys uses real beef as opposed to whatever is used at JIB's..... They do not deep fry the tortilla.They grill it ona griddle...