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Jan 11, 2008 02:02 PM

Cocktails for Non Alcohol lovers

I have a friend that insists on drinking because he feels it is part of the social atmosphere of going to bars and such and because a couple of drinks never hurt anyone on a Friday or Saturday evening. He normally orders a scotch or Vodka on the rocks and gets a buzz rather quickly. But, he hates alcohol and I can see that he basically suffers through drinking it. I suggest to him to try mixed drinks, but he is a health nut and does not eat sugar. Can anyone suggest the least alcohol tasting cocktails? I know that vodka tends to be the easiest liquor to hide the taste of, but that usually works with Tonic water or juice, but again, a lot of sugar.

Can anyone suggest some healthy options (even though I argue that the alcohol past 1 or 2 drinks is probably a lot less healthy than some added juice or sugar) that don't taste as strong as straight up liquor?


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  1. Even though you probably have done this, I'd suggest reinforcing the fact that there's no shame in not drinking alcohol if you don't like it. I have friends who don't feel diminished and take no grief because they don't drink. Hell, there's times when I would rather have club soda with lime rather than Scotch. There's also nothing wrong is sipping a decent glass of wine if he wants "something" that looks authentic.

    1. I drink alcohol, but too much and I get ill. So at social functions, I like a tonic water and lime, particularly in summer. It's very refreshing and looks like an adult beverage.