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Jan 11, 2008 01:52 PM

sizzler, are they still good???

I think there is only 1 or 2 of them here in vegas, and me being from nor cal orginally, I believe their are only acouple left there too... just checked there website and it seems mostly on the west coast and tx. and fl. , i remember back in the late 90's they were always busy and always good. any takers?? THX.:)

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  1. my initial thought upon reading the title to the post was "STILL good? I didn't know they ever were!" However, I can't stand it coming to this board and seeing post after post about how this person can't stand this chain or that person can't stand that chain, or how bad chain restaurants are in general (making me wonder why the person is reading the "chains" board in the first place....i don't like reading about things i don't like.

    So...with that in mind, back when I was in school in the late 90s, my future father-in-law (who is neither gourmet nor one who can stand to part with any money whatsoever) took my wife and I to sizzler for a "steak" dinner. And while that sounds horrible, i think at the time it was the first thing i had eaten in months that wasn't in a cardboard box and wasn't noodle, macaroni or some sort of beans.

    My steak was a sirloin that was about a 1/4 inch thick with another 1/4 inch of garlic salt on it.
    I think it was one of the best ones I've ever had.

    1. When I was a little girl, my parents would take us to Sizzler for very special occasions. My meal came garnished with parsley. I thought that was the height of class--wow, I'll bet fancy people get parsley with every meal! I remember LOVING their Texas toast.

      I recently went to a Sizzler in Utah and I have to say, if you find yourself in a pinch where you don't have a lot of chow'ish options, their lunchtime salad bar special (I don't know if they offer it at dinner or even at all of the Sizzlers) wasn't half bad.


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        1. My family would go to Sizzler once in a while in the mid-'80s as a treat. As a kid, I didn't care for their steaks since they were usually so tough, and it made me think for years that all steaks had to be like shoe leather. Boy, was I glad when I finally got to sample good steak years later! But my brother and I especially loved their buffet, with a salad bar and pasta and build-your-own-tacos and a soft-serve ice cream machine!

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            Four of us ate at Sizzler on Interstate 5 somewhere between San Diego and San Francisco recently. I was surprised how good it was. We each had something different and each dish was well prepared and tasty. Not gourmet, but good food.

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