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Jan 11, 2008 01:28 PM

Fresh delicious seafood or Savory Steak (w/ a client)

Hi Hounds,

I am looking for a place to take a client in either North Beach or the Marina area.... It has to be on the nicer side because it is a business dinner, but I want it to be delicious, too! I am thinking a seafood or steak restaurant... would like it to be an impressive place to take someone. Any ideas? I am coming in from LA for this, so I don't really know where to begin. Thanks in advance!

-Ali B

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  1. I suggest Luella which is on top of Russian Hill, so pretty much right in the middle of the Marina and North Beach! I also like Isa and Bistro Aix on Steiner off Chestnut, right in the heart of the Marina.

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      Those menus look amazing... but I am not sure if they are right for the occasion, I need something less off-the-beaten path. Something along the lines of a Cut or Maestros in LA, or Smith & Wollensky in NYC.

      1. re: Ali B

        1450 Lombard St - Btwn Franklin St & Van Ness Ave
        San Francisco, CA 94123
        Additional choices on this link