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Jan 11, 2008 12:52 PM

Miami - delicious restaurant suggestion that offers gift cards needed


I live in Seattle, but am going to a wedding in FL next month. There is no registry, so as a foodie, I've decided that a gift card to a nice restaurant would be a great gift! We got one for our wedding (to Oleana's in Boston, where we used to live, in case any of you know it - WONDERFUL restaurant!).

Any suggestions? Otherwise, I'll have to go with something like the Melting Pot, but I'd really rather not do a chain. I'm thinking a romantic little place that maybe they've heard the name of, but just haven't gotten around to trying.


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  1. Michael's Genuine Food & Drink is one of the best places in town and does gift certificates. Great food and relaxed, contemporary, classy vibe, but not incredibly romantic - depends on your order of priorities, I guess.

    Chef Allen (Susser) was one of the original "Mango Gang" and I know he also has gift certificates. I've only been a couple times but never felt that the food was as good as the accolades.

    There are any number of good places that may do gift certificates but don't say so on their websites, I"d suggest you look on the board, find someplace that sounds good, and call and find out.

    Surely there are better options than Melting Pot.

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        Thank you SO much, Frodnesor! After reading some reviews, I went with Michael's Genuine. The wedding is coming up soon (and I wanted the gc sent to me first), so I had to pick something quick. Thanks again... especially for the links. :)

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            They used the gift certificate and loved the place - yay! Thanks again for a great suggestion! (And they had been wanting to check it out!)