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Jun 3, 2001 01:37 AM

Korean BBQ and Scotch pies

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Ever since Seoul House in Hawaiian Gardens changed hands I've been looking for a good Korean BBQ restaurant in the Long Beach / West Orange County area. Any ideas?

Also any ideas where I can find Scotch pies? I'm looking for either a local British Restaurant or store where I could buy frozen pies? There used to be a small British restaurant on Atlantic Ave. in Long Beach, but they've gone the way of the dodos and the dinosaurs.


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  1. There is a place called The Tudor House in Santa Monica that has a full restaurant along with a bakery for meat pies and the like. They also have a nice market of imported british foods. They might have what you are looking for. They are on 2nd Street just south of Santa Monica Blvd.

    1. There's two places:

      One is called Inchon Won in a little strip mall on the west side of Brookhurst south of Garden Grove Blvd. in Garden Grove. They have smoldering wood embers (like Sut Bool Jeep in LA) that they carry out to your table over which you cook the meat. The whole place is smoky and you smell gloriously like BBQ for a week after.

      Another is called Corner Place (the sister to the one in Koreatown on what used to be 8th and Vermont). It's in Cerritos off of South and Gridley by the Toys R Us. They have a special cold noodle based in a non-spicy kimchee base which may be an acquired taste, but this is one of only two restaurants in the US that serve it (the other being the one in Koreatown).

      1. the best place i know of in garden grove is located a tiny bit west of the magnolia-garden grove blvd. intersection on garden grove blvd. it is on the south side of the street located in a small mall. the name escapes me right now, but i think it might be the next street west of magnolia (or perhaps the 2nd street west?) on the southeast corner. the several times i've been there it's been quite crowded. i had meat there once around a year ago. i can't remember specifics but i do remember thinking that it was on par with my favorite places in LA koreatown.