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Do you have a :SECRET INGREDIENT" that you can reveal ,here, when making Bar B Que sauce? Thanks

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  1. Crushed pineapple. Makes it nice and sticky.

    1. Drippings from the meat that you're barbequing. Can't be beat. Especially if it's ribs. (Come to think of it, ribs are the only thing I use BBQ sauce on....)

      1. I try to be broad minded about the sugar element. If I have some really nice plum jam made by a friend that works as the sweetness and adds another layer of flavor. I like to vary the tart element- citrus including zest, some balsamic, malt vinegar versus white.

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          Letely I've been using tamarind/date chutney bought at any Indian market. It adds that rounded dried-fruit sweetness as well as some tart and spicy qualities. It also works great with some added chipotle. It's great stuff if you can get it.

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            personally i like cider vinegar even better than balsamic.

          2. Depends. I like to use Big Bob Gibson's Alabama Red Sauce as a base. I use it straight on brisket. On ribs I like to add some pineapple juice and then a bunch of honey. It does the sweet and sour thing, works every time. If folks like a little heat I add just a little of something to make it a little warmer.

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                i have not seen the red sauce around dc area. i have gotten the white in florida. does Bob's white sauce in the commercial retail bottles taste like the real deal at bob's?

            1. Probably maple syrup, or at least a really good maple flavoring if I'm out of syrup. But I always make up my barbecue sauce recipe as I go along, and I wouldn't guarantee that I've ever made it the same way twice. But maple in one form or another is always there.

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                    Black bean garlic sauce, Korean spicy bean paste, five spice powder (especially with pork).

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                      Are you saying you recommend using all 3 ingredients together in one sauce or each condiment in separate sauce? I/m a little confused.
                      Nothing new.

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                        Singly and in combination, depending on how I feel that day.

                        Also - Tandoori paste.

                    1. tonkatsu sauce (I'm lazy)

                      it adds A LOT to bbq sauce

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                        bitsubeats: which recipe below is more authentic, or do you have your own recipe?

                        tonkatsu sauce recipes:

                        bitsubeats: is this the store-bought you use in a shortcut?


                      2. Smoked habanero powder.

                        1. For a change, both Coca-Cola or Dr Pepper..... believe it or not makes a good sauce.

                          1. Duck sauce and/or chilpotle sauce depending on what you are putting it on. also try adding MAMASITA'S marinade added to any decent supermarket bbq sauce.

                            1. Go to a Korean market and get Ottogi beef rib BBQ sauce. For Korean style beef ribs I just use that, but for other types of BBQ I make a mix with some of that, hoisin, and ketchup.

                                1. Butter.
                                  If I am simmering a litre of tomato, molasses, and vinegar based sauce, I'll slowly add in 1 stick of butter, until it is amalgamated. The sauce will spread better when basting, have a lower sugar content, and better flavour.

                                  1. I like to add peach jam, a little grainy mustard, and a splash of apple cider vinegar. And then put it on grilled tofu :)

                                    1. Added from "Odd Secret Ingredients"so I wont forget it.

                                      "when i'm making bbq sauce, i add some syrup from the armenian preserved pumpkin. it has a slight pumpkin flavour to it, which adds depth to the sauce".

                                      tuqueboy Jun 03, 2006 11:46 pm

                                      QUESTION: Has anyone used COCOA POWDER to add depth to BBQ sauce ?

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                                        I do sometimes. It goes well with spice.

                                        1. Best sauce ever made was the receipe of Grady Nash of Gravios Mills, Mo. Hickory Pit fame. His secret ingredient - anchovies! (The rest of the ingredients were never revealed which makes them super secret, I guess)

                                          1. Grated fresh ginger-just a little.

                                            1. liquid smoke, a few drops, but don't tell anyone. sometimes a few crumbles of well cooked bacon also

                                              1. what? like in that twilight zone episode, "to serve people"?

                                                1. Butter, cane syrup, Baldy's Rub (my other half's concoction for the meat and to create better flow, I add some to the sauce)

                                                  1. Sriracha Asian hot sauce (just a bit). Also a dash of worcestershire.

                                                      1. A bit of black coffee!

                                                        1. It sounds nasty, but then owner of one of my favorite BBQ joints plops a handful of gumdrops in every batch of his BBQ sauce.