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Jan 11, 2008 12:40 PM

Sunset Park Mexicans - any recent updates

Would like to take a run down there this weekend - any recent experiences or recommendations? particularly but not exclusively for good veg dishes

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  1. I made my first foray that way and we ate at Tacos Matamoros based on a NYT $25 and Under column I read. I thought the tacos were quite tasty and comparable to the ballfields in Red Hook and my favorite place in Atlanta, El Rey De Taco. We each had a "grande" size chorizo, al pastor and a lengua taco, listed in order of my preference. I think the chorizo just had onions and the others also had a creamy guac. on top. They served the standard lime wedges, radishes and red hot sauce on the side. We also shared an order of creamy guacamole and chips and an order of chalupas w. carne. Another companion had chicken enchiladas w/ green sauce which she deemed worthy, but I didn't try them. No alcohol, so we brought in some beers and also had some tamarind juice. Place was almost full with mostly familias on a Friday night. Sorry I can't add much with respect to veg. options.

    1. A few months ago we were wandering around SP, too far north to find Ricos, and Matamoros was closed or something, so we hit Tacos Xochimilco. Decent torta, OK tacos, but the star of the meal was "Cowboy Nachos." It's junk, to be sure, but fun and tasty junk - loaded up with authentic cheeses, diced up pork al pastor, etc.

      Probably no help to you, but perhaps of interest to someone. Otherwise, I am very much into Ricos lately.

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        I went to Cafe Matamoros last night with a few friends. The place was pretty fully when we got there and remained fairly busy for the entire time we were there. A couple of our friends had been there before and warned us that the food could be inconsistent. We ordered the guacamole and chips, which were very good, although the guacamole didn't have lime juice, cilantro or tomatos (I believe that there are several regions of Mexico where ommitting these ingredients is typical).

        I had the chicken tacos grande and a vegetarian.They had all of the usual fixin's (the chicken had guac, lettuce, onions and tomatoes, the vegetarian had queso blanco and crema) and were very good. My friends had the chorizo and el pastor and said they were very good. Others were more adventurous - ranging from shrimp fajitas to chicken enchiladas. There's no liquor but they had some tasy acqua fresca - tamarind and melon and horchata. Everyone was pretty happy and the meal was very cheap. It's not the Red Hook ballfields but it's definitely a good place to have a tasty, cheap meal as we suffer through a ballfields-free winter.

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          thanks for the updates - maybe I should have said weve been to =Matomoros a number of times - its the only one in Sunset Park we have been too - and were wondering if there were any other places we were missing

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            I was sort of under the impression that most authentic guacamole went light on the citrus/tomatoes, but I'm no expert.

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            I stopped in at Xochimilco last weekend for some arroz con leche after going to Rico's; it looked like an alright place.