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Jan 11, 2008 12:34 PM

Downtown Atlantic with a baby?

We used to eat at Union Smith lots because it is very close to home and we adored the macaroni and cheese, but the chef has changed and our last meal there was a disaster. We need someplace that is baby friendly, and Italian is out. Can I bring a baby to Downtown Atlantic? Never been, so I don't know a thing about the atmosphere. We don't want to venture too far from Carroll Gardens/Boerum Hill/Park Slop and I want to eat on the early side (5:30-ish) on a Saturday.

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  1. Definitely, yes. Curt, et al are very welcoming of families.

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      I agree. You will feel totally comfortable there. It's not super quiet, and the tables are decently spaced, so it should work really well. Another place to consider is Waterfront Ale House (Atlantic between Clinton/Henry). Very good food, bustling enough to deal with any noise the baby makes.

    2. Funny, a friend and I--who often go to Downtown Atlantic together--wandered into Union Smith for dinner a few weeks ago. We'd never been there before, and commented that it was the Downtown Atlantic of Smith Street. Same unpretentious friendly neighborhood vibe, not at all trendy and food decent but not exciting. Very comfortable, and a good baby place.

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        Sounds perfect. As for Union Smith, perhaps they got things together, or maybe you went before the switch? I would guess that we or our family members (while babysitting) generally eat in or order from there almost once a week, so we were pretty sad. I always thought that place generally got a bad rap despite us always enjoying our food, and it is adorable in the summer/when it is nice out and the lights are turned on outside in the evenings. I will certainly give it another shot.