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Jan 11, 2008 12:32 PM

gourmet low-fat cookbook recommendations?

Hi Hounds:

I'm hoping some of you can help me ... my mother was just diagnosed with pancreatitis, which means she's now looking at a lifetime of extremely low-fat eating. (We're talking a daily limit of three teaspoons of any kind of fat -- butter, olive oil or what have you; coconut oil is banned outright.) While of course staying healthy is the most important thing, i'm hoping for her sake that she doesn't have to exist on poached chicken breasts and plain rice forever.

I would like to cook her a delicious, pleasure-filled dinner worthy of a gourmand but all the low-fat cookbooks I see are ... well, kind of cheesy. My favorite recent cookbooks were "Chocolate & Zucchini" and Nancy Silverton's "A Twist of the Wrist"; I just read "Julie and Julia" and was considering trying some classic French cooking, but that's definitely out. I'm not really down with Sandra Lee, Betty Crocker or packaged/processed foods.

Any favorite low-fat recipes or cookbook suggestions out there? Any ideas are much appreciated.

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  1. Though not specifically geared to this issue, you and she might find some good recipes in some of the Eating Well cookbooks (Healthy in a Hurry is a crowd favorite here) or the magazine - emphasis on healthy whole foods and cooking from scratch.

    Good luck!

    1. Some (though not all) of the books recommended on this thread might fit the bill:

      1. Although it sounds singularly unpromising based on the title, if you can find an old copy give The Reader's Digest Live Longer Cookbook a look. I'm sure not all the recipes would qualify for you, but the book has a surprisingly high percentage of winners.

        1. in addition to the other recs, you can sometimes find good recipes on the web if you know where to look...

          1. i was just given the "all new Cooking Light cookbook"... i haven't cooked from it yet, but i have looked through it and it looks pretty good.