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Jan 11, 2008 12:29 PM

favorite thing to eat from panera?

for me - the bacon turkey bravo. the bread is wonderful. Soups and salads are good as well. and the pumpkin muffies. yum-o. anyone care to share?

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  1. My favorite is the pumpkin muffins. We don't have Panera in AZ so I have a friend in CO who ships me care packages of them every few months :) I also love the cinnamon crunch bagels, the choco-nut bagels, the asiago roast beef sandwich, and the cream of wild rice & chicken soup.

    1. We used to love Panera, but will never go back after recent dreadful meals. Way too salty. Seriously soggy salads. Soups that are mostly flour. Extremely bad food.

      1. The Frontega Chicken sandwich is wooooonderful...I had one yesterday with a bowl of their veggie soup, and it tasted pretty darn good. And considering I'm in the throes of a terrible cold and can't taste much...that's saying something! :-)

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        1. re: Suzy Q

          I used to like Panera sandwiches until I realized how deceptively unhealthy they were. The Frontera chicken panini has 890 calories and 43 grams of fat. :( It's good but it's not 890 calories good.

          1. re: Prav

            BAsic rule: if something is very yummy, there's fat you may or may not realize is there. It's why people love Chinese and Indian food buffets, where there's a lot of extra oil to keep things looking luscious under heat.

            1. re: Karl S

              Definitely a good rule of thumb.

              1. re: Karl S

                What a bold statement; I don't agree with this at all. I can't stand kung pao chicken or burritos and enchiladas. However, I go crazy for a mixed green salad with a little balsamic and olive oil, sashimi and roasted veggies. It all depends on our taste buds.

                For Panera, alway ask for the spreads on the side and no cheese. Their breads tends to be quite caloric, so you can always make one of their sandwiches open-face.

                  1. re: Jacey

                    Well said Jacey. Always a good idea to ask for things on the side given that at least if you dont like it, it doesnt gum up and kill your meal.

                    I love a ton of olive oil and balsamic but love to control it myself.

                1. re: Prav

                  Hmmm, let's has cheese AND mayo. Not a big surprise.

              2. The Fuji Apple chicken salad is great. I'm not big on salads usually but I love this one.

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                1. re: kerryd

                  Second that on the Fuji Apple chicken salad. I also love the french onion soup and the greek salad. You just have to be careful with the portion sizes. I usually end up taking two-thirds of my order home.

                2. I love their chicken chili or french onion soup in a bread bowl. I used to like their old veggie sandwiches but now they have peppers in it and I am not a pepper fan!

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                  1. re: libgirl2

                    It's all about the bread bowled french onion soup for me. It's a weird addiction. I actually don't really care for the rest of their menu.

                    1. re: Wangus

                      I get the bread bowl with the chix and wild rice soup. The sandwiches don't excite me. My wife likes the scones for breakfast carryout so sometimes I get a pastry.

                      1. re: Wangus

                        Whenever I eat their french onion soup, I can feel my blood pressure going up. I'm afraid to look how much sodium is in one serving.