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Jun 2, 2001 02:04 PM

chicken fried steak

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Can someone please tell me where to find the best chicken fried streak in the Los Angeles area ?
I'm looking for Texas quality not some frozen meat patty.

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  1. Jonathan Gold says to go to "Pines, an incredible diner on Pearblossom Highway near Palmdale" for the best chicken fried steak in socal.


    1. Aunt Kizzy's in Marina Del Rey has the best Chicken Fried Steak that I have ever had. I have not been to the Pines though. It is a real steak that is breaded and fried and smothered in gravy and served with rich wonderful mashed potatoes. It is available only at dinner and is cooked to order so that is is crunchy and juicy.

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        Omigod! That sounds so good. I've been meaning to go to Aunt Kizzy's, now I have no excuse not to...

        1. re: Larry

          I agree that Aunt Kizzy's has the best cfs I've ever tasted. It should be mentioned that its not exactly what you think of when you think of cfs--batter not quite so crisp. It's more like what I make at home than what I've ever had anywhere else.

        2. Side Street Cafe in Newport Beach has an awesome chicken fried steak. It is an actual steak and is dredged in a dry mix rather than dipped in batter as you get other places.

          I have only eaten breakfast/brunch there, but have been frequently and was never disappointed. It is really small and there is always a little wait on weekends.

          1799 Newport Blvd # A105 (next to Condom Revolution)
          Costa Mesa, CA 92627
          (949) 650-1986

          1. Millie's in Silverlake has the best cfs I've had in LA by far. They are only open for breakfast/lunch, so you have to get there early. Enjoy the ex-punk rockers who work there--yes, they were in that band you saw in '84 somewhere...

            It's on Sunset and Maltman, by the way.