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Jan 11, 2008 12:07 PM

UWS Restaurants

I am looking for some places to dine on the uws. Some local favorites for casual dining and maybe some take out/order in spots. A friend of mine just moved to the neighborhood so we need some good recommendations. Here are some places I know already:

La Vela
Nice Matin
Chirping Chicken
Westside Brewing

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Mermaid Inn
    Pio Pio
    Dovetail (very new and worthy of three stars)
    Calle Ocho

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    1. re: Will4Food

      La Fenice
      Shun Lee West
      Rosa Mexicano
      Bar Boulud
      La Boite en Bois
      Gray's Papaya
      Le Pain Quotidien
      Westside Diner
      La Fortuna
      Per Se
      Jean Georges

      1. re: idia

        Have you had a chance to try Bar Boulud yet? Menu looks wonderful.

        1. re: MMRuth

          (oops, just noticed after posting, this is a very old thread)

          Bar Boulud sitting at a table is ok, not bad but nothing special. The bar is not a fun place to sit, very cramped and the people behind the bar are not there for you so you always interact with somebody behind you.

          Salumeria Rossi a half dozen blocks north has much better tasting charcuterie, and I think is more fun all around, menu, execution, vibe. I don't love Rossi, but I'll go back. 3 times at Bar Boulud is enough for me.

          1. re: acidity

            We ate at the very end of the bar - towards the back, and didn't feel cramped, though there were a lot of servers going by as the stairs to the kitchen were right there. And, to the contrary, we found that the bar tender was very helpful (this was for lunch on a weekend), and Daniel Boulud actually checked in with us after he overheard my mentioning that there was some cork in my glass of wine.

    2. Not my nabe but besides those mentioned, Cafe Gray, Asiate, Barney Greengrass and Cafe Luxembourg. Is Rain still there?

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      1. re: guttergourmet

        Rain is gone. It was replaced by Bar Bao, which is actually very tasty. Try the duck hash and the pork belly.

        1. re: nyu_uws

          I agree - we went after the movies a couple of weeks ago and I posted briefly on another thread about it. We had the pork belly and a number of other dishes - will have to try the duck hash next time.

        1. Hampton Chutney Company -- Amsterdam ( btw 82 & 83)
          Land- Amst (btw 81 & 82)
          Celeste -- Italian
          Comida (82 & Columbus)-high end mexican
          Saigon Grill -great food -- very moderate prices-- amsterdam and 90th
          Ozu-- Healthy Macro/Vegan