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Jan 11, 2008 11:48 AM

Delivery in Woodside/Sunnyside???

I just moved to the area and I have already discovered NYEats which is pretty solid but I'm looking for more. I read about Taco Truck. Is an actual taco truck or restaurant?

You help will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. there are several taco trucks that park in the area, but no rest. called that far as I could tell. The absolute number 1 delivery option in the area is De Mole, search on this board, there's plenty of threads.

    1. Yes, they are actual taco trucks. I am pretty sure they don't deliver, however.
      BTW, the best taco truck in the area is the one that parks after 8pm on 41 St and Queens Blvd (South Side). They call themselves Los Vagabundos. I actually prefer their tacos and tortas more than the ones from Del Mole. The guys that run the truck are super nice too.

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        This truck actually does deliver within 4 blocks, or so they've said.

      2. I love the taco truck at the 52nd street station, it'll be there about 8:30pm on most nights. I swear...I salivate walking home with the bag.

        If you like sushi, give Oki a try (45-11 Queens Blvd). The dragon roll is solid and the staff is very friendly. Most of the clientele is Japanese. The saki for some reason is kinda watery (imho).

        Donato's Italian restaurant and pizzeria is the best italian in the area. Try the chicken francese, you'll lick the plate.