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Jun 1, 2001 10:29 PM

Restaurant near Pantages

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TIA. We have tickets for 5 adults to Lion King on July 5. Want to park at the Pantages and walk to a restaurant that is nice, relatively quiet, and not off the $$ charts... Continental, Italian, or American. Two parents, and kids in their early 30's.
Any suggestions??

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  1. There was a couple of threads a while ago about places near the Pantages. I added the link to the last one below. Enjoy the show!


    1. Why not Miceli's on Las Palmas?

      A bit of a walk (6-8 blocks west of Vine).

      Possibly not quiet, depending on whether they have a jazz band. Usually its just piano.

      Very fun. Very friendly (except when Mr. M. has had one too many). Very good pizza, and good red-sauce ghetti and m-balls type fare, if you like that sort of thing.