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What to do with all these Omaha weiners?

Hi again guys,
So our loving elderly mother sends my sister and I an Omaha Steaks package for Christmas. Assorted - steaks, chicken, you get the idea. Okay, so it's not the best stuff, but I can figure out what to do with most of it - even the ground beef, I can hide it in meatloaf, meatballs, etc. - but I'm wracking my brain as to what to do with 2 packages of sub-standard weiners!!! Maybe we can choke down a few of them, but there's only 2 of us. Should we just toss out the rest? Or is/are there "miracle recipes" out there for these orphans? HELP!

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  1. Well, they will freeze well, especially if you "suckerbag" them with a FoodSaver. Here is a guilty pleasure recipe which I think my wife thought up:

    SOURCE: Shirley recipe
    Noodles, such as fettucine----------------------------------- 8 Oz.
    Sour cream--------------------------------------------------- 1 Cup
    Curry powder, salt, pepper----------------------------------- Taste
    Hot dogs----------------------------------------------------- 4
    Poppy seeds-------------------------------------------------- dusting

    Boil noodles until done. Drain and cool quickly. Flavor sour cream with
    seasonings. Toss in casserole with noodles. Top with cooked hot dogs.
    Sprinkle with curry powder. Place in 350-degree oven until warmed through
    to 145 degrees.

    1. you can make budae chigae or army base stew. I asked m y mom to whip some up a few days ago for nostalgia sake.

      It's basically kimchi chigae with hotdogs and other various meats added. It came about during the Korean war when korean's didn't have anything else to eat. They got hotdogs and spam from the US military being there and added that to their kimchi chigae.

      Take some minced garlic and fry that in some oil. Add some gochujang or red pepper paste to the garlic and then add some water and some really old sour kimchi plus it's juices. Add lots of cut up hot dogs, spam, or even bologna, and if you are really brave you can add a slice of velveeta cheese. You can also add a packet of ramen (sans seasoning packet) or a packet of udon. Serve with a bowl of hot rice and various panchan.

      ps: no I wasn't around during the Korean war....I just used to eat it when I was little and I enjoy eating it once in a while (:

      1. Baked Beans & Franks. Add a bit of molasses & sugar, dash of worcestershire. Yum! Even with buck-a-package chicken dogs, yum! Coooomfort!

        1. We recieved a package from Omaha for a wedding gift when we got married. It had a assorted selection of chicken, steaks, pork, etc. I thought the hot dogs were the best thing in the package - compared with the low quality of the rest of the meat, the dogs were umm... top dog. ;-)

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            Thanks for all your replies so far, everyone. Will try 1-2 of these, and looking for more! Keep 'em coming!

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              I got the same pkg...8 big fat hot dogs that I would never normally buy (why are they so soft?) Anyway...I used a few for beenie weenie the other day and they were not too bad- I think slicing and frying until crispy helped the texture.

              Plus just saying beenie weenie makes me happy!

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                How do you do your beenie weenies, chef4hire?

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                  OK...the 2ndary ingredients seem kinda strange...but it's my mom's special mix, circa 1975-

                  slice and fry weenies til crisp, add a jar of B&M glass jar beans to the pan along with a teaspoon of brown mustard and a tablespoon of maple syrup (substitue pancake syrup for that authentic 70s taste) stir, heat and eat

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                    I'm falling off my chair laughing!!! Ha, that's great!!!
                    I think I'll try it!

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                      Not so strange - that's what my Mom used to do! Although ours was the extra-large can of B&M baked beans, and we used dried mustard vs. brown mustard.

                      I recently tried it again when I also had to "get rid of" some Omaha Steaks hot dogs - either the hot dogs weren't like what I was expecting, or the B&M brand has changed in 40-something years since I last had them. Just didn't seem the same.

                      Or was that just me making a childhood memory better than they actually were? :-)

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                        probably a little of both...B&M used to be great...but we can't get them here in NOLA (the land of beans, it seems) so I use bush's

                        I think a lot of those childhood faves suffer because of the changes in manufacturer's recipes (HFCS vs good old sugar is a biggie for me)

            2. This is really "sub-par", but I loved it as a kid, and still take this notalgic walk on ocassion. Cut the wieners up and mix with mac 'n cheese. They're really best this way if they're fried first. For this "comfort food" I'd only use the blue box mac 'n cheese dressed up a bit. I'd never wreck my fave, and somewhat costly mac 'n cheese recipe for this. I also love them pickled from time to time....Bar Franks they're called in some places. I keep a small jar of them in my fridge for those nights when nothing will hit the spot but a pickled wiener, a boiled egg, a pickle slice, a chunk of cheese, and a piece of good crusty bread! Not very healthy, I know, but sometimes you just have to get past that to put out a flame of indulgence ;)

              1. Yes, Omaha is disappointing. A good alternative to Boston beans for me is Bush's Original baked beans with added chili powder and cumin to taste.

                Otherwise ... do you have any pets?

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                1. Can you griddle them and serve with chili, cheese, and onions? All things taste better on the griddle or in a cast iron pan.

                  You could make pigs in a blanket.

                  I'd have to fry them up and serve them with mac & cheese for nostalgic reasons.

                  The kraftfoods.com website has a lot of hot dog recipes.

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                    Thanks for the suggestions - the chili mac thing particularly sounds good right about now.
                    : )

                  2. Make heart attacks--cut in half, wrap a slice of bacon around it, sprinkle w/ brown sugar and broil.